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Hail Metal Sisters and Brothers. After some months of very intense professional work, finally I'm updating Sounds from Apocalypse. Besides 9 more reviews, all with MP3 samples (about 20 sec.), I'm proud to present a great interview with Preternatural Transmogrifyer of Lost Horizon. Also I updated the Portuguese Metal section.

This is a non commercial site. Everything that is written here expresses only my personal opinion and I'm not bound to any music company nor any band.

Any comments are welcome.

NEW REVIEWS (all with samples)
#9 - Moonspell, Thragedium, Gamma Ray, Sonata Arctica, Mago de Oz, Tierra Santa, Red Wine, Avalanch, Dark Moor
OLD REVIEWS (some with samples)
#131 - From Agathodamon to Zonata
Moonspell, Tarantula, The Firstborn, Oratory, Sirius
Last additions: Lost Horizon, Virgin Steele,
Freedom Call
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Take Care.
Preternatural Transmogrifyer, Lost Horizon

Keep well, Thanks very much for all your Belief & Support!!! And....take good care of yourselves and remain....INVICTUS!!!. BY ZEUS
David DeFeis, Virgin Steele

Thanks for the support and see you all somewhere out in Portugal.
Dan Zimmermann, Freedom Call / Gamma Ray

Thanks to all of you for your kindness...and to all Portuguese Metal heads: "STAYYYY METAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!" Stefano, Highlord
I hope to see you all on tour! Mark Briody, Jag Panzer
Believe in the stories, and you shall be a part of the legend, L-G, The Storyteller
Glory and honour to you all, Fabio Calluori, Heimdall

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