My favorite Thrash bands are Kreator and Angelus Apatrida. I have seen alive our Spanish Brothers 4 times, all excellent and unforgettable shows. Also they released this year their 7th album, self-titled. So, I was quite happy when knowing that they will headline the next Assembleia do Metal fest (18 December at Pindelo dos Milagres). And happier to include this interview with one of the best Thrash bands around! Davish Álvarez answered the questions.
Thanks for your words man! Can’t wait to back to Portugal, we had a lot of good memories playing in your country! See you on Saturday to destroy the stage.

Angelus Apatrida was created 21 years ago and maintains the same lineup since then. Can you briefly tell us the origins, four young students in Albacete, the family support, the early influences?
We are friends since 1999 and i remembered all together playing in the same room, trying to learn and play our favorite songs and thinking about to play a live show in a bar in front of our friends.
Just play and feel happy. The most important lesson and reason fro the next years, just play and have a good time.

Since I know you, I was amazed by your energy and speed. Besides excellent albums, Angelus Apatrida is a band that "lives on stage", am I correct? The absence of shows due to the pandemic was quite hard to support?
Absolutely! Write new music, release new albums are very important, but touring and play on stage is the main reason for us. We need to return to the stages, the festivals and connect with our fans on the road, it’s very important for us!

You played several times in Portugal, including Vagos Open Air in 2014 (Davish played with a broken leg). What are your best memories from these shows? And our country?
Yes, great memories from the Vagos show sitting on a chair hahaha. Portugal is very important for us. We recorded three albums in Moita, played a lot of times… we feel a special connection with your country. Good people, good beer and good times.

To you, which is the best thrash public? I do like a lot the Spanish public, I was at the fence in Leyendas 2016, no excessive violence at all.
It’s hard to decide this… i really like the south america and spanish crowd. Normally, when you start the show, just in the first song, people goes crazy!

You released the 7th album "Angelus Apatrida" in February. Congratulations for the Number 1 at official charts in Spain! Satisfied with the results?
Thanks! Yes, it means a lot for us. Bad times, more inspiration. We put all of energy writing these songs, trying to do the best album of our career. Number one was a surprise for the band, the label and all the people involved on the process. Dreams come true.

Compared to the previous album "Cabaret de la Guillotine", while also quite good, I found it darker and even more aggressive. The pandemic had some influences on writing it?
Totally. During these times, the lockdown, we felt confused, angry… nobody understand nothing with that situation. But i remembrered to start writing songs with more powerful inspiration. Stay at home a long time was an opportunity to think and compose step by step, deciding the best riffs, the best lyrics…

You're coming again to Portugal, the 18 December, for Assembleia do Metal fest at Pindelo dos Milagres, our small Metal village. The organization are close friends and my company is one of the sponsors. What are your expectations for this show in Portugal? Is this your first show abroad, after pandemic?
As i told you before, Portugal is a special place for us. Can’t wait to visit you guys and play a epic show. it will be great concert, for sure. And yes, the first show in your country after this pandemic times.

Can you name some Portuguese Metal bands that you like?
Switchtense and Revolution Within, really good bands and cool people

In 20 years, what do you foresee for Angelus Apatrida? Still on the road?
Be happy and do the same thing: write the best material and touring around the world

And our traditional last question, do you want to leave a message to Sounds from Apocalypse readers, some of them may be present at Assembleia do Metal? 
Yes! Thanks for read me and see you on Saturday playing and enjoying with you guys!

Thank you very much for this interview, I'm honoured! See you the 18th December! 
Thanks to you, cheers!

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