Atlas Pain is a recent Italian band "that combine the epicness of cinematic music with the speed and power of the sacred pagan metal" (quoting from its site). To me, it was the most important newcomer in 2015, with the excellent "Behind the Front Page" EP. As the first album is expected soon, here is what the band has to say :)
Hi Samuele, thanks for answering to Sounds from Apocalypse. When Atlas Pain was planned, the connection between Cinema and Folk Pagan Metal was immediate?

First of all thanks for the space given to us, we appreciate it a lot!
Well, I've always been a huge fan of soundtrack music and orchestral cinema scores, as well as I love pagan and folk metal. At the beginning it was not so clear the mix of these two different genres, we just played pagan metal in the most canonical way: aggressive vocal and guitar parts with simple orchestral lines. But year after year the symphonic part took more importance and we're here, trying to melt the emotional impact given by a symphonic orchestra with the speed coming from metal!
Sacred Pagan Metal is an interesting definition :) Any comments?
With “sacred pagan metal” we try to point out the traditional pagan metal that every old school fan knows. These days our world is full of good pagan metal bands, most of all taking inspiration from the great bands of the past. We're doing so too, but not only. We want to take the past and the traditions and take them on a new level. Music is beautiful simply beacause you can experiment and express yourself without being limited by the word “genre”. Atlas Pain means this: pure emotion through metal music.
Let me guess your movies preferences: Gone with the Wind, The Sound of Music, etc. ah ah ah. Now really, what are your cinematic preferences?
Ah ah ah! Let me tell you: I really love this question. This is the point you could start from to understand perfectly the writing process of one of our songs. Actually there's no specific genre that I prefer more than others. If the movie (and the music itself) brings me emotions, the main task is achieved!
But if I have to choose one genre in particular, it's animation movie for sure. From the huge Pixar productions to the small and independent italian animation movies, I love the numerous and different stories you can tall with simple (so to speak) pictures. It's pure art going directly to the heart. And you can imagine that it's not a coincidence if lots of our songs are based on a major scale structure. Happier, direct but not simple, that's our way to play music!
The Foreign Land song from your demo was not included on the EP. Funny song with parts of Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribean soundtracks, at least. Will this song be on the album? Do you play it alive, or it was just written for fun??
Foreign Land is a small tribute we wanted to devote to the soundtrack music. I can anticipate you that this song won't be on the album and we don't really know if it will have a well recorded new edition in the future. We wrote the song for fun (as we always do!) and to let our message pass to our fans. We play it live everytime we can (setlist and timetables problem), enriching our set with catching and well-known tunes, but without depriving the concert from original songs.
Your EP is awesome, it gathers influences from several of my favorite bands, like Equilibrium and Wintersun. How were the reactions? And sells?
Thank you very much, we're honored! We're so proud to have released such an EP like “Behind The Front The Page” and you're right by quoting those bands, because they are part of our inspirations. The reactions were (and are) stunningly good: great reviews and compliments coming from webzines, magazines, fans and of course friends. The sells were good too, despite we choose to sell just the physical copies and distribute the digital one for free on our website just to spread our music as much as we can. Now the promotional circle is heading to the end and we are ready to start with the new one!
What can we expect for the first album? Is there already a name? When will it be available?
The new album will be more complex of the previous work, giving more importance to the orchestral parts without undervalue the metal ones. It will be of course the same Atlas Pain sound, but taken to another level. And the music won't be the only part that sees renovations. We wanted to expand also our horizons in term of lyrics and themes. It will be based on tales and legends but also on philosophical argues and point about mankind and human being. Of course it has a name as we're working on all the aspects of producion but for know I can not tell specific dates about the release, it's everything in the to-do list to be confirmed! So be ready!
Has Atlas Pain already signed with a record company? Or a distribution company?
We're working on it but everything for now is just a plan. We have lots of ideas and deals to be set for the upcoming album but we're going to take time just to make the right decisions without any kind of hurry, for our best and the best for our music.
Congratulations for your TShirts merchandising! Some designs can be printed in 14 different colors, looks like Decathlon :) Are other colors, besides black, selling well?
Decathlon is the way, ah ah ah! Anyway you can find our merch directly in our merch store on our website or live concerts, with special design in black colour only. We have also a page on Spreadshirt, where you can buy different designs in different colours, but that's a separate process in which we have no control, just a simple platform between the customers and us.
Anyway the shirts have always been something that our fans asked since long time ago, so we're proud now to have them and let the people choose what they prefer! It works greatly!
What's the story behind the 2016 visual, remembering "Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines" movie? Will it be used in concerts?
The new visual and approach on the stage is something we've choosen carefully after days and days of planning. As I said before Atlas Pain wants to bring something new in the pagan metal scene and the steampunk clothes are just a little part of this new and fresh idea. We don't want to make steampunk or gothic music at all, we're Atlas Pain now as before, but we want to prepare our shows in a more theatrical and cinematic way, that's why we've choosen to play as we posed during our new photosessions. It will be a challenge for us but we're sure that it will bring lots more to our preformances, a reason to attend in one of our future concert!
Do you have already many booked shows? Any plans for shows outside Italy?
We have planned few shows here in Italy to end the promotional cycle of the past Behind The Front Page. We'll play in few clubs and venues and we have been booked for a couple summer festivals here in Italy (including the mighty Fosch Fest with Korpiklaani, At The Gates, Anthrax and many more). So we'll take the next months to enclose ourselves in the studio to give birth to the new “creature”, ready to promote it in the future as best as we can, with lots of new concerts and, hopefully, with an international tour. But everything has to be confirmed and planned step by step.
Can you share any amusing moments or pranks in the band's career (shows, rehearsals, etc)?
Every time together with my mates in the band should be recorded to be part of a comical movie, ah ah ah!
Anyway we're all fan of the trash and extreme pop music and in every rehearsal session we end up singing in a cappella way tracks taken from Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga or Spice Girls.
Ya know, we have to release an extra album with shit like that, it would be hilarious!
Would you like to write the soundtrack for a movie? What kind of movie?
You've just discovered one of my side dreams. I'm practising day by day with virtual orchestra arrangements not only to improve and increase the quality of the orchestra sound in Atlas Pain's music but also to enrich my knowledge in general. I don't have time now to begin such a hard work like that, but I'm pretty sure that in the next future I'm gonna work with something completely orchestral, such a different arrangement of Atlas Pain or something totally different (just as you said as a soundtrack for a movie, for example).
But there's one thing that is sure for now, I'm not going to stop myself in learning how to make a virtual orchestra sounds real and how to arrange different musical instruments one by one to make them be part of a unique project. I have tons of new ideas, I just need time to realize them!
And the classic final question: do you want to leave a message to the Sounds from Apocalypse readers?
We're so grateful to be followed and liked by such a great people as we meet and talk to day by day. You are our fuel in every step we make! Thank you very much to João for the space and thanks to all the readers for the interest. Write us, listen to our music and let us know your opinion, we'd be glad! So stay tuned for the new material, we're coming back stronger than ever!
Thanks a lot Brother for this amusing interview and all the Best! Looking forward to hear more from Atlas Pain!

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