Portuguese metalheads had the opportunity for attending two shows of Chaos Magic, the band from the powerful Chilean vocalist Caterina Nix, opening for Visions of Atlantis. Those who didn't attend lost a quite good Symphonic Metal show. Caterina kindly accepted to answer some questions.

Hi Caterina. Thanks a lot for this interview to Sounds from Apocalypse and congratulations for the excellent show in Lisbon!
When did you wake up for Metal music? What were you first favorite bands?
Well I´ve been listening to rock since I was a kid, I liked Queen a lot as a child, and over the years I discovered bands like Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Ozzy, so that was a starting point for my taste for metal. Later on, during my teenage years I was blown away by Nightwish, Lacuna Coil and Evanescence, and right there I started working on music of my own.

While studying in Law School, you had your first known project Aghonya, releasing an album and opening for bands such as Edguy and Within Temptation. That's when you found your true vocation as a Metal singer?
I think I had found it way before that, I just had the passion and the will to work and to knock on doors and making this grow more and more. Those shows were an absolute stepping stone into creating a career and I’m thankful for each and every opportunity given to me during this path.

You have a very powerful and wide range vocalizations. Did you have singing lessons?
Yes, I´ve had vocal lessons of both classic and pop techniques, I think vocal lessons are necessary if you want to have a career as a singer, because it’s all about taking care of your instrument and knowing how to use it to avoid getting hurt.

What are your favorite vocalists?
So many! But I must go for those who inspired me and “taught” me certain things. I love Bruce Dickinson’s technique, I used to sing along Iron Maiden songs, and I discovered things about my own voice, things I could do, or how to approach notes, how to give notes width, etc. I love Tarja Turunen because she was unique at a certain point in music and of course Floor Jansen who is absolutely flawless.

Have you ever thought that if you sing pop music, you could be as famous as Madonna?
Wow, not really! I haven’t experimented with raw pop, although the format of my songs is very pop inspired. However, I don’t see myself going all pop, I like darker styles, maybe something like old Ruelle, Portishead or the darker songs of Lana del Rey or Björk is as far as I would go.

Then you met Timo Tolkki that lead to Chaos Magic and your international recognition (when I also first knew about you). How was the experience? And the results of the first album?
I’ve known Timo fo a very long time, he has been a good friend and a mentor for me, I’m very grateful to him. In the case of Chaos Magic, the label Frontiers Records was looking for a female singer to participate on a project written by Timo, so among a few candidates I was finally chosen. I was so excited about it! Timo did a great job writing this album, it’s very symphonic and melodic and it took me to unexplored territories vocally speaking.

Last year you released Furyborn, where you composed almost all music and all lyrics. Congratulations for an excellent and diverse album. Being so personal, are you happy with the album and its reception?
Thank you! We are very happy with the results and the reception, it has been overwhelming. The musicians, producer, sound engineer involved, all did a beautiful job, and you can hear the love in there. During the tour with Visions Of Atlantis we sold absolutely all our cds and that was a great indicator.

Timo doesn't participate in the album, but there are some distinguished guests, like Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, etc, in my oppinion one of the best singers around, I saw him with his former band Lords of Black), Tom Englund (Evergrey), Mistheria and Ailyn. These participations gave quite special feelings to some songs, do you agree?
Yes, that was what we were aiming for, to give those songs a different color, to paint a tune with nuances and shades that would bring something unique to the table.

You sang in the huge Mistheria's Metal Vivaldi Project, volume 1 (volume 2 under crowdfunding here), and at Dokk'em Open Air 2019. Are you going to collaborate on volume 2? And how it happened for Mistheria to be on the band for this Visions of Atlantis tour support?
We met a few years ago and we became really good friends, he lives and breathes music, is an amazing writer and arranger, so passionate about music and so very talented. We invited him on our previous European tours, and he played a few gigs, also joined us in opening for Evanescence in Bucharest, to he´s more than a guest musician, I´d say he´s a fulltime member of Chaos Magic.

Thank you very much for coming to Portugal. The Lisbon show was great! Did you enjoy the shows and portuguese metalheads?
Oh yeah! We had a lot of fun and Portuguese people were an amazing audience! We didn’t know what to expect, but we were very nicely surprised with the reception. We definitely want to go back!

Was it your first time to Portugal? I know you had some sighseeing in Lisbon and Porto. Diid you like it? Do you consider to come here on holidays?
I didn’t know these cities were so beautiful! I would love to come back and see more of what Portugal has to offer!

Now, about portuguese Metal. Did you like Glasya? And do you like Moonspell? Do you know other Portuguese bands?
Glasya is a wonderful band, loved the voice of their singer, super pro. Of course I know Moonspel and a few others like Ramp and Icon & the Black Roses. There seems to be a lot of talent in Portugal, though I don’t know how the local scene behaves.

You have a beautiful little boy with only 14 months. Is it difficult to conciliate the demanding life of a successful Metal Queen with that of being a mother?
It’s very hard, just the fact that I have to leave him breaks my heart. But we have a great circle of support and he stays happy and healthy while I leave, and I get to spend quality time with him when I go back. I believe women can drive their dreams and reach their goals and do everything they wish to do. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice, but having a family and being an artist can be done.

And the last question. Do you want to leave a message to the Sounds from Apocalypse readers? And the Portuguese fans?
I want to thank all the people who sang along, boght our merch and had a kind word to say to us while we were in Portugal. We are overwhelmed with gratitude! I’d like to invite those who didn’t know the project to stream our songs on Spotify or Youtube and follow Caterina Nix Official networks if you like our Chaos Magic Project.

Thanks a lot for your time, looking forward to meet you and see the band again!
Thank you for having me, hope to see you on a future show!

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