Magic, witches, potions, spells, blood, demons, undeads, headless horsemen? Deathless Legacy has this and many more. This Italian band play what they call Horror Metal. This year they released the good Rituals of Black Magic, the fourth album in six years, reviewed here. Together with the appealing music, the careful planning of all theatrical aspects is quite importantt. After attending an excellent show at XI Milagre Metaleiro Open Air (Pindelo dos Milagres, Portugal, photos here) and talking to the band, here is the interview with the lovable Steva, the versatile vocalist and performer.

Hi Steva, thanks a lot for coming to Portugal and for such an amazing show. How was the show for the band? And the Portuguese fans?
Hello João! It was amazing. An experience we will never forget. Portugal has given us a lot of really great emotions and the Portuguese fans are just incredible. I can’t wait to come back as soon as possible!

Did you like other bands on the festival? Some good surprises that you didn't know?
We had a blast and it was awesome to find our “home” in Portugal too. We know Atlas Pain and Elvenking, we have played together and we will definitely play together in the future, so it was really nice to enjoy some great music from all over the Europe with them as well. I really enjoyed the French band Aephanemer. Their show was really nice.

The Milagre Metaleiro is not a huge festival, it is held on a small village (if not for the festival I would never heard about Pindelo dos Milagres), but they receive visitors quite well. Your opinion about the venue and the village, beyond the 1 € beer, LOL?
I would like to thank a lot Marco António and all the guys who took care of us during the Milagre days. They were amazing. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to visit Pindelo, but I felt in love with its nature and environment with such a strong and ancestral feeling. The festival has a great organization and I can’t do anything but wish them all the best I can. They deserve it.

Then you had a few days at Porto. Did you like it? Have you ever been to Lisbon? If not, this must be solved!
I loved Porto. If I’d have my dog, my cats, and my family with me, I would have stayed there forever. And no, I have never been to Lisbon, but it definitely covers one of the first spot in my “To-Do-List”!

And you speak 5 languages, including Portuguese! That was a great surprise! Do you have such faciliity in learning languages?
Yes, I think the more languages you know, the best you can think. And I love to think a lot. Doing it in a different language, is incredible. I am still learning Portuguese and I would like to learn some more languages. I work as a freelance translator, therefore the more are the languages I can speak, the better.

Deathless started as a Death SS tribute band, one of the oldest Metal bands in Italy (for those who may want to check, there are many videos on Youtube), and then evolved to a proper and original band (so glad you did it). From that time did you have reactions or support from Death SS or Steve Silvester himself (the SS on the band's name)? Does he still have contacts with Deathless Legacy?
Steve and all the Death SS family has always encouraged us. Steve owns a restaurant in the heart of Florence. Sometimes while you eat, you can hear some Deathless Legacy in the background, and that’s great. We are still in contact with them and Frater Orion and me also did the backing vocals in Death SS’ new album “Rock’n’Roll Armageddon” (Note: just released).

Can you briefly explain what is Horror Metal. And why the scenic aspects are so important for the band, like a theatre play?
On stage we want to offer a 360° show. That’s why since the beginning, we came up with the idea of visually give an experience of what we play. Horror and occult metal is the best way to describe what we do. We talk about creepy things, monsters, rituals, and we give them life in the space where there are no limits: the stage.

Because of this horror theme, has the band ever had problems with the church or conservative associations?
A priest tried to convert us once. He e-mailed us to tell that if we wanted, he had the key to bring us back on the right back. Besides that, maybe the church itself is too scared to make troubles with us!

Congratulations for the Dominus Inferi video, awesome and very graphical. Most people didn't realize that it was directed by Frater Orion, the band's drummer. Was it difficult to make it?
It was really difficult because of the weather conditions. The video was taken in winter and it was cold as fuck. Luckily, we have many friends, crazy enough to help us doing some crazy stuff like that.

Do you want to share the craziest or funniest thing that happened to the band? Some videos must have been a lot of fun to make it (like Witches' Brew).
In Witches’ Brew, Alex van Eden, the Cyborg, and Sgt. Bones had to eat some really disgusting green mush. Their disgust is 100% authentic because it was even hard to watch at that green jelly, I can’t imagine how they felt as soon as they found a spoonful of green goo in their mouths. And, again, it was cold as fuck because, guess what, it was winter. All our footages somehow always take place in the most freezing season of the year. And we are always almost naked or light dressed.

What are the next plans for Deathless Legacy? Will we have a new album next year?
We have a lot of stuff in our caldron and they will come out as soon as it is time. I can only suggest you to stay tuned, because our never-ending curse will strike again and we have a lot of surprises in the hole.

Finally, do you want to leave a message to the Sounds from Apocalypse readers? And the Portuguese fans?
Obrigada a todos los leitores. Esperam por nós em breve. A maldição dos Deathless Legacy vai infectar todos!

Thanks a lot Steva, it's an honour to interview you for Sounds from Apocalypse! Looking forward for the band's news and to meet again!
Thank you so much João, I look forward to meet you again soon. INFERUS DENIQUE.

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