After the excellent news that Diabulus in Musica is coming to Portugal for the first time the 18th December to play at Assembleia do Metal (Pindelo dos Milagres, the Metal village), they kindly accepted to answer some questions to Sounds from Apocalypse. Diabulus in Musica is one of the most important Symphonic Metal bands in Spain, leaded by the couple Zuberoa Aznárez and Gorka Elso, with the 5th album "Euphonic Entropy" released on February 2020 by Napalm Records. Here is the interview and very looking forward to meet them at Assembleia do Metal. Zuberoa answered my questions.

Hi Sister (and Brother), thanks for this interview to Sounds from Apocalypse!
Diabulus in Musica was created by you in 2006 in Pamplona, Basc Country. At that time did you expect to get the recognition that you have now, 15 years later?

We never thought about that actually. Our aim was to record our songs and find a good sound. For us, it was a challenge to mix all the elements of our music and make it sound balanced, so we can say that our intention was to learn, experiment and do our best to record an album with the sound we had in mind. We were lucky that we were given the chance to play abroad even before our first album was released. This opened us the door to get signed by a label. This was a real gift we didn’t expect at the very beginning.

During these 15 years, 5 albums, many tours and shows, what is your best Metal memory?
The most special show for us was the one we did with a symphonic orchestra and big choir in the opera house of our city. It was amazing, as we finally could play our songs exactly as they are conceived and recorded on our CDs, with the real sound of the orchestra and choir. Also, all the years we played at MFVF in Belgium, it felt like a real metal family, the atmosphere was so great. We also treasure very good memories from our show in Mexico with an incredibly warm audience. Anyway, it’s very difficult to choose, as we have lived many great moments on the road and also in the studio.

How is Symphonic Metal going in Spain?
I know there are several bands in Spain, but I honestly don’t follow the scene very much, so I don’t really know them. Anyway, I think it’s still a minority scene, as I think it is in the rest of the world too.

Your last album, the excellent "Euphonic Entropy", was released just before the pandemic (I hope everybody went well through it). Despite the absense and delay of shows, how was the reception?
The specialized reviews were fantastic and the feedback from fans too. We are very proud of this album although we didn’t have the chance to promote it live, but fortunately we will do it from now on.

And, as far as I know, it includes the first song sung in Basc (great song by the way)! To me it's a strange language , but it adjusts quite well to Metal! Is there a story behind this choice?
It is actually a “strange” language because it is not an Indo-European language. It is one of the oldest languages in Europe, but we don’t know any other language similar to it.
I also think it adjusts to metal, probably because I’m used to listening to local rock and metal bands singing in Basque.
We have sung in Basque in our previous albums too, but just some parts, never a complete song until now. The reason we decided to do this is that Basque is the co-official language in our region, but our culture is quite unknown outside. People usually relate Spain with the South, while there are more official languages and very different local cultures inside the country. We just wanted to spread a little bit about us and our heritage.

What is your oppinion about the Metal scene in the Basc Country? I remember two other bands that I like a lot: Aiumen Basoa and Incursed.
Oh, nice you know them! Aiumeen Basoa opened for us in our city some years ago actually. I like the mixture they do with traditional music and metal. I’m not that much into the scene now here, but I really like old Basque metal bands I used to listen to when I was a teenager, such as Su ta Gar, for example.
The metal scene here in Navarre and in the Basque country has always been very rich. There have been and there are great bands and the local scene is very active.

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And finally a show in Portugal at Pindelo dos Milagres, our small Metal village. The organization are close friends and my company is one of the sponsors. What are your expectations for this first show in Portugal?
Oh really? That’s cool! We are very excited to finally play in Portugal. Being our neighbors, it is weird we never had the chance to play there before. We can’t wait to visit your beautiful country and we are sure we will have a fantastic time at Assambleia do Metal!

Besides your labelmates Moonspell, do you know any other Portuguese bands?
Apart from them I don’t, sorry… but I will have the chance to listen to some of them in the festival, I hope!

A fresh news is that you're playing at Femme Fest in the Netherlands, the 30th April (same day as the Portuguese Glasya). Are you looking forward to it and probably other shows abroad?
Yes, we can’t wait! We will also be touring Europe the same week and also Female Metal League Fest in Belgium. There will also be a Spanish tour at the beginning of next year.

With two kids, is it easy to manage family and music?
It isn’t, but until now we have found the way to do it. Of course, it is a matter of priorities, so we don’t tour for long periods in a row and we try to bring our children with us if we have to leave for more than three days. Now that the little one has started the school I have a little bit more of time to work in the studio while the are at school, but before it was a bit crazy, as I had them at home with me the whole day, so I could only work for short periods.

Have you started to compose the next album? Any detail you may share?
Not yet, but the idea is to start as soon as possible. We have already some ideas on the paper.

Our final question, do you want to leave a message to Sounds from Apocalypse readers?
Thank you so much for the interview and also to the readers for taking the time to read. We hope to meet some of you at Pindelos or at any other place on the road!

Thank you very much for this interview! See you the 18th December!
Thanks a lot and see you very soon!

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