There's no doubt that Spain has so many awesome Folk and Folk influenced bands. One of the most important is Drakum from Barcelona, which I was lucky to see alive twice and own all discography, signed. In the beginning of 2020 they released the excellent second album Zombie Dragons From Outer Space, the year's second best to Sounds from Apocalypse. Expecting for better days and the return of live shows, the band answered these questions.

Hello Brothers, thanks a lot for this interview to Sounds from Apocalypse, our first in 2021!
You’re welcome!! Thank you for this opportunity, support us and think of us for an interview!

Congratulations for the excellent and funny Zombie Dragons From Outer Space. Despite the absence of shows (we'll talk later about the pandemic), how have been the reactions?
The album is working great! A lot of people are listening the new songs and giving us incredible great words about them. New fans are discovering Drakum because of this album and the old ones says that it’s the best album. Right now, the album is performing very well (even better than expected) on all online streaming music platforms and also in terms of physical sales, we receive orders from all over the world quite frequently.

The album is quite diverse in terms of lyrics. Where do you seek inspiration?
In this album, as in the rest, there are lyrics both from nature, as important stories from people we know or even ours, even lyrics with political criticism and invented stories of fantasy, alcohol and parties.

When you see the album's name and then the intro name U're Fucked Obviously, this is very representative of your happiness and good mood, also well seen alive. Is this positive mood important for your communication, either music and shows?
Of course! As that song says, “Don’t worry be happy!” We think that there are enough problems and bad vibes in our daily life, to be sad or angry in our musical life. Music is to have fun, disconnect from all the shit of every day and enjoy each moment and be happy. It is always by our side to give us strength and overcome everything that comes.
We always try to give some positive or fun point in our songs and above all transmit it live. We have a song with more serious or sad lyrics, but you always have to try to find the positive side of each experience.

I love the oriental Urashima touch, your first album video. I read that the lyrics are based on a japanese legend. Do you want to comment?
Some members of the band have a lot of affection or admiration for Japan, its culture and its music. We really wanted to pay our little tribute to all that and to all our Japanese fans, who have been supporting us for many years. In fact, the first idea of the album is that it was all, related to the legend of Urashima and link it with other Japanese themes, such as the theory of the Big One, a possible geographical catastrophe that could happen in the seas near the island of Japan. But finally we thought that it would be somewhat difficult to carry it out, and as a wink, we left the songs of Urashima and The Big One on this album.

Speaking about videos, have I told you that Troll Recipe (link here) is awesome?! The best stop-motion video I've ever seen, quite funny. Any story about it?
Yeah! Good to hear that! It was an idea that we have been thinking for a long time, we have a great friend and fan of the band who is very good at working with stop motion, David Caro, we told him about it and he did a brutal job, I dedicated many and many hours to do that video. We are very happy with the result and at the same time it surprises us because it has not had all the support we expect on YouTube, but hey, the video will remain for the rest of the story, to enjoy watching it.
The song is a culinary recipe on how to cook humans to be eaten by trolls. A crazy and funny story!

The pandemic subject is unavoidable, and affecting us all. Are you all safe? Did your local or national governments give any kind of support to bands? Here in Portugal nothing at all, just large amounts of incompetence.
Some members of the band have had the Covid virus, but fortunately they are already cured and well. This virus has affected us all, in a more direct or indirect way, but in the end we all have acquaintances, friends, relatives, who have suffered from this disease, some have already recovered, and others, sadly, are no longer with us. It is something serious and we have to try to fight to end all this as soon as possible.
And as you say, here in Spain, the government is not doing everything it should to try to solve this as soon as possible and as effectively as possible, and on top of that they have mistreated and marginalized all culture and of course the bands, artists, concert halls and people who make a living from it. It's a shame and it's very angry.

When this corona thing stops, are you making plans for touring? Anxious to play alive?
Of course, we can't wait to bring this new album and our old classic songs live and enjoy and share them with all the folkin 'metalheads. Before all this pandemic situation began, we already had several festivals and concerts planned, we hope to be able to carry them out in the future, we hope that it is closer than distant.

Have you ever received any invitation or contact to play in Portugal?
Not yet, never, and the truth is that we really want to play in our neighbouring country, we have been told that metalheads are incredible and fun. We are expectant and totally open to any offer or idea to go and enjoy with all of you.

Speaking about Portugal, what comes to your mind about us? Portuguese Metal? Do you know that we lost independence to Spain in 1580 and got it back in 1640, thanks to a Catalan Revolt?
The first are the beautiful cities of Porto and Lisbon, and the second the cod (Bacalhau). About Portuguese metal, Gwydion and Moonspell always come to mind, they are two bands that we really like and we really enjoy their music.
Well, honestly, I don't know much about the history of Portugal, but I have heard about what you mention about the Catalan revolution helping Portugal to become an independent country again. In this new album we have the first song in Catalan in the history of the band and it talks about the oppression that Catalonia has always had on the part of Spain and how we have fought and will fight for many centuries against it.

As band, what are your best memories? Metal Days?
Drakum has 12 years of history as a band, and as you can imagine we have countless good and bad moments (more good) and choosing just one is difficult, but if it is true, we will always have a place in our hearts for Metaldays. In the three times we have played at that festival, they have always taken good care of us, we have had very good times and above all we have met many incredible people who are good friends of ours both as a band and personally. So much so, that our Trollmin EP is a mix between trolls and Tolmin, the town where the festival takes place.
We have experiences and memories of almost every concert and festival, something always happens, hehe.

And your funniest experiences?
We have fun stories to write a book. From going up loaded with all the instruments and amps with Immortal on a chairlift through the Carpathian forests, to playing in a half-collapsed theater in Croatia with Tankard because they canceled the festival in the middle of the day of playing us. Lots of laughs, beers and good times with fans and friends after the concerts. Lots of fun times in cars on the way to concerts. There are many anecdotes.

What is coming next, are you preparing a new album?
When the periods of confinement leave us, and we can stay to rehearse, we play old songs to de-stress and the new ones to keep them fresh for when it is possible to return to do concerts. And when we have to be at home, we work on new ideas and songs so it doesn't take 5 more years to have a new album (as it happened with this one, hehe). Everything and thus, we promise that this album Zombie Dragons From Outer Space will have its concerts and small tours that it deserves to make it known to everyone and enjoy its songs live.

And our final question, do you want to leave a message to Sounds from Apocalypse readers? And Portuguese Metalheads, most of us stuck at home?
First, we would like to thank you, Sounds from Apocalypse, for the great job you do supporting so many metal bands, we know that behind each review, interview and news there is a lot of effort and work, and for that reason we remind readers to continue supporting media such as you, reading, sharing and commenting on your work. And finally, to the Portuguese folkin’ metalheads tell them to be patient with this actual pandemic situation, to keep listening to music and that we can't wait to play in our neighbouring country one day so that we can share our music and party with all of you.

Thanks a lot for your time, looking forward to see the band alive for the third time and another party!
Thanks a lot to you for your great folking support and we are also looking forward to share another party with you!

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