Esperoza is a Symphonic Extreme Metal band from Moldova, a young country near Romania that belonged to the USSR until 1991. A couple of years ago I found its full length, homonimous, and it was quite an impression. The music is extreme, a mix between symphonic and gothic but the soprano vocals of Zoya Belous mark the difference and define the environment. Just when they are finishing the second album, here is the interview with Zoya.
Hi Zoya, thanks for answering to Sounds from Apocalypse. Can you briefly tell us how Esperoza started?

Thank you for having us!
So, the beginning of Esperoza...all 3 of us were members of other band before Esperoza, and when that band broke up, we decided that we shouldn't stop doing music, and why should we? if we have so much to say, and so much to play. I remember Dmitrii was saying that none of the music is not worth of your voice (he meant all my previous projects and bands), and that he will make a music worth of my voice, and so he did. Actually this was the start, then we decided to make very experimental music with all the sub-genres of metal, and so on, then we had many members who came and gone, but all that is very very long story, but the begging was when we said: Esperoza shall be! Or something like that :)
How is the Metal scene in Moldova?
Unfortunately the scene in Moldova is nearly dead. And it's not that we don't have talented musicians, we have a lot of them, but they are not motivated enough to go till the end. As you know music is requiring a lot of financial, time, and energy investments. And even after this you have no guarantees that you actually will be able to achieve something with music, and I am not even saying now about making money with music, but at least to have some kind of fan base. But even more than this if you are living in Moldova, and trying to be able to tour outside of country it's nearly impossible, because Moldova is a poorest country in Europe, and salaries are very low, and when you go in other countries it's just craziness, because prices just don't coincide with our salaries. That's why our bands don't even expect something, and they stopping to hope for a better future, it's pity because we have some really interesting and talented bands here.
What are your major influences? And Dimitri's?
If we are talking about genres for our band it's death, black metal mainly, but with many others metal genres. But if we are talking about some particular bands it would be: Emperor, Celtic Frost, Morbid Angel, Mithras, Triptykon, Strapping Young Lad, Cryptospy, Gojira etc...
Esperoza was quite busy last year, with an Open Air organized by the band, an Eastern Europe tour, official videos, starting to write the second album, and so on. Are you happy with all this?
I'm so glad you've asked about that. :)
Yes, it was such a crazy year, but we absolutely love this, we love to be able to make more and more, to meet new people, new fans, and listeners, to visit different countries.
As for the festival we are very proud of that, I can not believe in this even now, but we are already organizing the second edition, which will be on 21 of May, so if you happen to be in Moldova in that time definitely come to us! :P
What country did you enjoy more? And what about the different audiences?
We liked every country, really! But all of us were instantly amazed in all senses by Croatia, so I think Croatia is the winner! :)
The minimalist trio format (vocal, one guitar and drums) is to be maintained?
It's a good question. We thought that it could be our hallmark, because how many bands out there with the same band structure. But for all of those who find it interesting I may disappoint you, because we are planning to have one more guitar player for live shows, so we will become a boring typical band :D
The crowdfunding for the album just turned 35%, anyway it will come out soon. What can we expect for this second album?
As we said in crowdfunding campaign story, we had some savings for the album, so we didn't really expected anything, but it's amazing that some people actually helped us, and we are very grateful for them! What about album, if you listened our first album you can just forget everything that you've heard there and listen this album like you've never heard this band before ;) Because it's so much different. But if you're saw video "Blame it on Me" you will know at least in general terms how it will sound.
As the first album, are you going to take care of most lyrics? And the music will mainly be composed by Dimitri?
Yes, this structure remain the same.
And what about concerts this year? I already know that Esperoza is playing again in Croatia. Any contacts for West Europe?
Of course we want to perform on stage more than anything else, but while we have musical ideas we need to implement them before they flew away. So I will tell you a little secret we are now working on our 3rd and 4th albums, and we are planning to release the 3rd one within a very little distance from the 2nd one, and then we could make a big tour supporting both albums.
Besides the band, what are the members occupations?
Unfortunately or fortunately I am unemployed currently, but of course I have many other occupations besides the band. Dmitrii is a brilliant IT programmer, and Vadim is a garbage collector :) Ok, it's a joke, kind of, because he is a sell manager in a company which dealing with garbage collection.
Finally, do you want to leave a message to the Sounds from Apocalypse readers?
Of course, thank you so much for reading this non sense till the end, and hope you will be interested to listen some of our stuff if you didn't made this until now. Happiness and metal to all of you! \m/ Special thanks to Joao for such entertaining questions!
Thanks a lot Zoya for this great interview!

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