Incursed hails from Bilbao, Spain. Playing an irresistible Viking Folk Metal, they released recently "Amalur", the excellent fourth album (review here), where the Basque region roots are well represented. And here is the interview, hoping to contribute for a deserved better recognition.

Hello Brothers, thanks a lot for this opportunity!
Can you briefly tell us how Incursed was born and why to play Viking?

Hello! Thanks a lot for the interview!
Incursed was born 10 years ago (2007) in a town called Aranda de Duero, as a Viking/Pagan Metal project of two friends, Narot and Sergio. The first two years were a lot of nothing, because in a small town in the middle of Spain is quite difficult to find musicians keen on this style. The things changed when Narot had to move to Bilbao in 2009, a bigger city in northern Spain, where he found a bunch of handsome musicians: Lander, Jonkol and Amo... and then we were something like a band! Only Jonkol (vocals/keys) and Amo (drums) are left in the band from that very first lineup.

What influences do you consider most important?
There are so many and from a variety of styles, but we think the most important influences are bands like Moonsorrow, Wintersun, Equilibrium, Vintersörg, Scar Symmetry, Keep of Kalessin... Just to mention a few of them. We indeed listen to a lot of different music.

Despite existing for 10 years, released four albums and three Eps, you're still unsigned. Do you pretend to maintain full control or just there were no attractive proposals?
Yes, we have received some offers through the years but none of them satisfied us. It would great if a label want to work with us, but in the appropriate conditions. Maybe we haven’t met the correct label yet, or the correct label hasn’t listened to our music yet.

Congratulations for Amalur, it's an awesome and varied album! Are you happy with the reactions, so far?
Thanks a lot! It’s been a lot of work to fulfill such an album like this. We’ve tried to apply all the knowledge we’ve obtained through the years, and we know it’s not perfect and no album will never be! So we try to keep going further with each album.
The overall reactions have been great. Of course, there are always sheep that stray from the rest, but we are happy with those too because it means we can do better. And we intend to do so.

You gathered an impressive set of guests (including members from Aiumeen Basoa and Drakum, other bands that I like a lot). Do you feel the album got even better that way?
Those guest appearances gave the album an even more comprehensive set of elements, so at least, it’s more varied than it was meant to be. We certainly use lots of elements in our albums, but including different vocals (harsh, clean, female, choral), instruments (alboka, txistu, txalaparta, violins) and more, made this album something hard to label. Although some people insist on suggesting that we play commercial and plain power metal… hahaha!

Any contacts for concerts outside Spain? And in Portugal?
We always try to reach as many and distant places as possible, but it’s never an easy task. Some conditions must be met so we don’t happen to gain less that what we lose (and it’s almost never about many). If we reckon a chance is good to promote ourselves and show our music to more people, things always get easier.
There are some contacts for gigs abroad, but any help or recommendations to the festivals are always welcome, so they listen to our music!

What do you think about the Metal Scene in Spain? I recently heard a comment from a Spanish friend that there are too many bands and not so many opportunities to play.
Then I guess we have the same feeling, there are lots of bands and many people that attend concerts are musicians and play in a band. But, on the other hand, there is always that sensation about most musicians not being part in helping the scene to flourish. If all the people who played in bands, attended their fellas’ concerts, the health of the scene would be infinitely better.
And the opportunities to play, that’s another debate… many festivals don’t support national or local bands, or the way they support them is very limited. There are more festivals than ever nowadays, but people still want to see the big names in the lineup. Maybe it’s not about the festivals, but the people. We should start thinking about that, and the way we support the scene, related to what we just said in the previous paragraph.

And how is the Metal Scene in Bilbao? The other band that I know, Aiumeen Basoa, seems on hold.
We could say that Aiumeen Basoa is a band that walks slowly, but never on quicksand. For example, they will be playing a festival on April 2018, but they rarely play more gigs. They should be preparing their next album by now… hahaha!
The metal scene in Bilbao has good health, in a city of its population. But in our style, bands are very few… to say the least. There are many bands in death metal, metalcore, and rougher styles… we don’t understand how our rainy and cold climate doesn’t inspire more people to play our kind of music!

Congratulations for some songs in Basque, a unique language not related to any other. Is this quite important to the band, to maintain a proper identity and an identification to your roots?
Eskerrik asko! We’ve been empowering that idea throughout the years, as we were straying from the path of Norse mythology that made the band begin. The Basque Country has a beautiful language and culture, and we would like to give it more importance progressively. We don’t intend to end up singing only in Basque, for example, because English is an international language and makes it easier to reach more people with our music, but who knows what will happen in the future…
Anyway, Amalur has already 3 tracks in Basque! The intro, the song with the name of the album (a name also in Basque), and the bonus track… we’ll see more, for sure!

I was in Bilbao once and I remember the Guggenheim Museum (of course) and Arise Records (spent some money there, ah ah). Do you feel the museum brings lots of visitors to your city, and recognition to local bands?
For sure, the museum is an attraction to people that come from abroad, but we couldn’t give a measure of that importance. Bilbao has recently been awarded as the European City of the Year at the 2018 Urbanism Awards, so maybe its arquitecture, urbanism, culture, and other aspects… make it attractive for tourism. Some places in the Basque Country also appeared in the last season of Game of Thrones, that surely made more people come! Hahaha
But we also think that music stays away from that influence, and furthermore with metal music. It is something more underground and mostly reserved to the local population. There was a festival called Kobetasonik about 10 years ago in Bilbao, which surely attracted many metalheads from Spain and Europe, and we are missing it a lot nowadays...

My final question. Do you want to leave a message to the Sounds from Apocalypse readers? And the Portuguese Metalheads?
Sure we want to! Thanks a lot to all the readers from Sounds from Apocalypse for reaching this final question in the interview, we hope we weren’t too tiresome!
If you want to check our music, you can get our first digital albums for free (you set the price if you want to help), our merch, the last EP “The Slavic Covenant” and LP “Amalur” at:

Thanks a lot Brothers for your time! I do hope to see you guys alive soon!
Many thanks to you, João! We also hope to see you soon as well!

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