Kalidia is a Power Metal band coming from Tuscany, Italy. Its first album, Lies' Device, by the way excellent, saw the light of the day on June 2014, and I was one of the first to have the privilege to hear it :)
Hi Joao, thank you so much for this interview! This is Nicoletta (vocals) speaking.
Italy is one of the main reference countries in Power and Melodic Metal. Nowadays how do you see the Heavy Metal scene in your country?
Back in the days, bands like Rhapsody of Fire, Vision Divine, Labyrinth, Domine and Kaledon started the “Italian Power Metal” genre, melodic and fast; of course their music influenced us a lot. Nowadays Italy has an huge amount of metal bands (also many extreme metal bands!) but we must admit our country is not really interested in metal; also it's really difficult to play decent live shows in here.
What are Kalidia’s main musical influences?
Even if everyone of us came from a different background, we take our inspiration mainly from band like Kamelot, Masterplan, Hammerfall, Gamma Ray, Symphony X and, of course, Italian power metal bands (Rhapsody of Fire, Vision Divine, Labyrinth).
Lies' Device was self edited. There were no record companies interested? How are sells going on?
Actually, we received some offers from Italian labels but they weren't that good; nowadays Internet offers everything you need to release your music worldwide, so.. “why do we have to accept crappy deals? We can do it better!” And we did; the first press of “Lies' Device” is almost sold out, less than 50 copies left!
All lyrics in the album were written by you. Because it’s easier to you, or is there another reason?
I also took care of all the vocal lines; that's probably why I'd prefer to write my own lyrics, so they'll fit perfectly. Anyway, usually we discuss together the subjects of our lyrics.
Some years ago, Heavy Metal used to be a musical style very male oriented, but not anymore. And you started singing quite early. How do you see this evolution, more women attending concerts and being on bands?
When I started singing in bands (around 2008), women were really uncommon in rock/metal and the very few female fronted bands were a strangeness! Nowadays, the female fronted movement had grown so much and it seems that every band need to have a frontwoman! Being part of the movement allows you to use some exclusive resources, like dedicated fanpages or 'zines, but I still prefer to describe us a “melodic power metal band” rather then “female-fronted band”.
What do you prefer in the Metal scene: composing, recording, playing live, contacts with fans?
I LOVE all the process! Composing and recording our music are the most stressful sides, but after we've done, we are always so satisfied! Live shows and being/talking/writing with fans are the funniest parts! I really enjoy the time I spend with fans.
I know you are quite proactive on the Internet promoting the band (that's how I found Kalidia). Besides Internet, is Kalidia using other promotion resources?
As you said, we are focusing on the Internet promotion; we have done some live shows here in Italy and we're now planning new shows for 2015. But Internet is our main promotion resource: in this way we can reach new fans worldwide!
Can you relate the funniest experience or remarkable event as band?
Oh well! I must tell you this one. It happened the day we shared the stage with Etherna, Fabio Lione and Timo Tolkki; a couple of us reached the pub in early afternoon and the owner said: “Oh, you must be the plumbers! Come over here, I'll show you the broken toilet!”. We are still laughing!!
The Lies’ Device video is great. How was the video recording? And how long it took?
It was our very first experience and it was really funny! The video makers were absolutely helpful and they did an awesome job. We recorded the video in an abandoned marble quarry (a very breathtaking scenario!) and it took us only a morning!
I remember seeing on your Face some photos of you as a Comics and Games Con character. Was it fun Are you regularly contracted for modeling?
Our hometown (Lucca) gives hospitality to the second biggest Comics&Games Con in the world! I love these kind of events and, as you can see on many photos, I'm part of the Steampunk movement. I really enjoy to put on my costume! I'm not a professional model, I'm doing only some photos for free durin those events!
What are Kalidia’s next plans?
With the new year, we decided to start working on new material; we have many ideas to work on! Besides that, we'll have another show with Vision Divine in February and also we are planning something else.. stay tuned on our social channels!
As far as I know, Kalidia never played outside Italy. Is it a wish? Which countries or festivals would you lo to play? If a concert promoter is reading these lines, what would you say to him?
Of course, it's one of our dream! We'd love to bring our music worldwide, both in big festivals (like ProgPower USA) and small venues (we love the direct contact with fans!). We know how to entertain the crowd and we always do our best in every show.
Can you give a final message to the Sounds from Apocalypse readers?
First of all, thanks for this interview! We'd also love to thank our supporters, none of this would has been possible without you! Stay tuned on our social channels like our Facebook Fanpage for more news about the band.

Thanks a lot Nicoletta. All the best to you and the band!

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