Symphonic Metal is being a quite popular subgenre in Metal, with bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation or Epica. Last Days of Eden, being relatively a recent band, is one of the best representatives from Spain. They are coming to Portugal to play at XII Milagre Metaleiro Open Air, the 23rd August, a free festival not to be missed. Let's know a little more about the band! Lady Ani (vocals) and Dani G (guitars) kindly answered the questions.

Hello Sister and Brother. Thanks a lot for this interview to Sounds from Apocalypse and for coming to Portugal.
Lady Ani.- Hi Joao! Thank you for your time and for giving a hand to the newcomers like us!
Dani G.- Hi Joao! It´s a really pleasure for us to being interviewed here!

What are briefly the origins of the band? And when did you have the idea to play Symphonic Power?
D.G.- We got the idea of doing something like LDoE on 2013. In a few words we just wanted to mix between metal, symphonic and folk. I just recruited some close friends with the only purpose of recording some songs, but we got a chance to make some shows and we jumped there!. It took a while to find the right people, but hell-yeah! We did it!.
L.A.- I would call this more like “Symphonic Folk Metal”. We have a lot of symphonic stuff, plus the folk side, but I really think that we are not that much power, as we are not playing most of the songs on a fast tempo.

What was the inspiration for the band's name?
D.G.- This came from the adaptation of an American film called “Medicine Man”, that was adapted to it´s Spanish version as “The Last Days of Eden”. We just quit the “The” and we really think that this sounded so cool and epic.

Asturias is quite an historical region. I remember from school that it was the only region in Iberia that the Moors didn't conquer and where the reconquer started. Do you feel this strength and somehow it has any influence on your music, maybe with some celtic roots?
L.A.- We have a longtime celtic tradition. We still keep many dances and music from aeons ago, and our musical roots are so close to this. Of course we don´t talk about our region in songs like “The Piper´s Call” only, but in others like “Paradise” or “Brothers In Arms” too, where we sing about the epic battles with the moors 1300 years ago that you mentioned, were The King Pelayo fought together with local farmers or lumberjacks against the moor conquer... and they won!. Of course we have a lot of moor musical influences too and we try to adapt this to the modern days.

In the end of 2016 you released a symphonic acoustic album totally sung in Asturian. It's not common for a new band that their second album is so different. What was the reason? And how was the reception?
L.A.- We are in love with our land and our language (Asturian), and we just thought that would be a good idea to make an album including this folkish stuff. We don´t think in it like a proper album, and we just name this “a stop in the run”. This was more like a whim, like a gift for us. Just leave the metal aside and keep all the symphonic and folk stuff there. We did´t had any expectations for this album, as it was not officially released thru any label, there was no promo, no ads… nothing. But that was an amazing surprise when we started to receive orders from all over the World and tons of emails saying that this was an amazing album.

In 2018 you released Chrysalis, your last album, mastered by Mika Jussila. It's a quite good album. How is being the reception?
D.G.- Thanks for your kind words!. We really love this album, and I think that this is the one which defines our own style and sound. Of course you can hear our influences, but our own style is printed in every song. Reception was amazing: everyone was in love with most of the songs, and pieces like “Aedea´s Daughters”, “The Roots of Life” or “Forevermore” went to the LDoE top-ten easily. We released a video from the song “Falling in the Deep”, really cinematic, including orchestra, many pro actors… and we enjoyed a lot with this. The mastering from Mr. Jussila was a must-to. He is a beast doing mastering for this style, and super cool guy. He really liked my mixes and I really liked his mastering, so that was a good team!.

The song The Roots of Life has a strong Eluveitiie feeling. Is it your most folkish song?
L.A.- This is one of the most, but we have many songs plenty of whistles, bagpipes or many traditional stuff, like “Here Come the Wolves”, “Falling in the Deep” or “The Piper´s Call”. The cool fact from “The Roots of Life” is that there´s a lot of folk stuff in the background of the song, like melodies or percussions.

The band never played in Portugal. How are your expectations for the show?
D.G.- We are REALLY excited because of this show. I can´t believe that we are neighbors and we´ve never played in Portugal before!. The Milagre Metaleiro looks like a very familiar festival, and all the dealings that we had with them were way so smooth. Really good people!. Also, we know that there´s gonna be a good bunch of Spanish people attending the show, so hopefully there will be a hot crowd!.

Despite being the festival openers, are you staying for the full festival?
L.A.- Definitely!. It´s gonna be a good chance to see some cool shows and meet new bands!.
D.G.- Yesssss! We are gonna be there for the full fest, and we hope to meet many people and enjoy the days full of good music!.

Do you know any portuguese Metal bands? If you attend the second day, you will have the chance to see some!
D.G.- I used to know a band called “Tarantula”, quite good one!. Also there´s a band called “Glasya” that is in the same label as LDoE which I discovered recently and I liked a lot.

Has any of the band members been to Portugal? Are you taking some time for sightseeing?
D.G.- Some of us were there for vacations. I was there some years ago and that was amazing. I really think that it´s an amazing country full of nice people, specially in the metal scene. I hope we have some time to visit some cool places and try local dishes and drinks!.

I have wonderful experiences with shows and festivals in Spain, awesome festivals with real Metal and without mixing other genres, many great and friendly bands, nice civilized public. How do you see the Spanish Metal scene?
D.G.- It´s in it´s top now. In my opinion we´ve never had that amount of good bands. Not only older ones like Warcry, Avalanch, Dark Moor… but newcomers like Arenia, Eternal Dream, Döxa or Crusade of Bards too!. There´s a lot of sub-genres that are doing well, and if people gives a chance there will be a lot of top bands in a few years.

Have you started to compose for the next album? When is it to be expected?
D.G.- Well, we have a lot of material, and still composing some more. Hopefully we will enter the studio after the summer, and the new album will be released during the first half of 2020. Schedule is so tight, as far as we are doing most of the work in my studio, and I´m really busy with some tours as soundguy, and recordings in the studio. Musically: Definitely this is going to be a little more into folk, but we won´t leave any symphonic or melodic element aside. This is going to be like not one, but four or five steps up!. All the material is amazing, and I´m pretty sure that this will break some doors.

Do you want to leave a message to the Sounds from Apocalypse readers? And the Portuguese fans?
L.A.- Of course! See you all in the Milagre Metaleiro on Friday and Saturday!. I hope you like our show and the entire festival, this is going to be a good party!. And don´t forget: if you see us just come and say “hey!”. We´d love to chat, take a picture or have a cold beer with you all!.
D.G.- Just attend our show, have a good time, and after that come to us for a beer!. Hope to see you all over there!!!.

Thanks a lot for your time, very looking forward to meet you in Portugal and see Last Days of Eden alive!
L.A.- Thank you and see you there!.
D.G.- Thanks Joao! See you there!.

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