Lutharo is an unsigned band from Hamilton, Canada, that caught my attention some years ago, playing an excellent Melodic Heavy Metal, mainly Death, with awesome and catchy songs, and one of the best female vocals in Metal. Of course my Metal Museum now includes both 2018 and 2020 EPs, signed. The first album will be released on October, 15th, and pre-orders are here. From the two advance videos, I'm pretty sure that a killer album is coming and that it will bring a due and wide recognition to this young band. So, it's with great pleasure that Sounds from Apocalypse includes this interview. Krista Shipperbottom answered the questions.

Hello Krista, thanks a lot for this interview to Sounds from Apocalypse!
Can you tell us briefly what are the origins of the band? Where did the band's name come from?

Lutharo started fresh out of highschool with Victor Bucur and shortly after myself (Krista Shipperbottom) in 2014. The name “Lutharo” is actually an elvish word meaning “the enchanter”.

I do like Arch Enemy, probably one of your influences, but I prefer Lutharo ☺. What were your major influences in the beginning? And now?
Thank you! That is a huge compliment! Arch Enemy probably has to be one of my biggest influences. The first time I heard Angela Gossow scream I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Other than them though, when I first started to listen to metal I was huge into Megadeth, Pantera, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

Your singing is impressive. You change so easily from clean to harsh and back. Did you have lessons or is it natural?
Thank you! I am mostly self taught however I did do Melissa Cross’s online courses and I also have both of her DVDs which helped a ton! Other than that my singing experience has just been trial and error.

Hiraeth, the debut album, is coming. Are you happy with it? And expectations about the reception?
We are extremely pleased with the way it turned out! It’s so nice to finally have a full length album out in the world. As far as the reception goes, it’s already exceeding our expectations. Honestly whenever you put music out you’re pouring your heart and soul out with it and you just have to hope for the best and be proud of yourself regardless.

Any guests? I heard the orchestrations are from Elliot Vernom (Alestorm).
Yes! It was so great to have Elliot create the orchestrations! It brought our music to a completely different level and sound. He was our one and only guest on this album.

The first videos are awesome songs, Lost in a Soul, To Kill or to Crave and Hopeless Abandonment. Are we going to see more? Can you advance which song?
Yes you will be seeing one more, however it is a secret ;)

Another Canadian band that I love and follow almost since the beginning is Unleash The Archers and Brittney is my favorite singer. I do hope to UtA next year. Despite being on opposite sides of Canada, are you friends? What do you think about them?
As a band we are all HUGE fans of Unleash the Archers and very influenced by them. I wouldn’t call ourselves best buds or anything but we did have the chance to play with them in Toronto and they are very awesome and humble people.

You live nearby Niagara Falls, right? Did its majesty have been a source of inspiration?
We are somewhat near Niagara Falls but I wouldn’t say it had any influence on this album haha

The Covid pandemic is affecting all World, in particular arts and shows. Were you affected? Gladly, it seems things are getting more normal, at least in Europe and Portugal. Are you anxious to play alive?
It has definitely made everything very challenging for us. The recording of our new album was really up in the air the whole time because of the restrictions constantly changing. Even now it is very difficult to play shows in our area because the capacities are very limited. We hope to get to play in Europe sooner than later because it seems there is a lot more opportunities for us there.

Have you ever received any invitation or contact to play in Europe?
We have had a few opportunities, however without a tour attached to it, a one off show is way too unaffordable for us.

Do you know and like any Portuguese Metal?
I’m sure there are some that are in my musical rotation but a lot of the time I’m unaware of where people are from.

Our final question, do you want to leave a message to Sounds from Apocalypse readers?
Of course! Thank you so much for reading and showing your support! Stay safe and stay metal my friends!

Thanks a lot for this opportunity! I do hope to see Lutharo alive in Europe soon!
Thank you so much! We hope so as well!

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   Lutharo - Lost in a Soul (Official Video)

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