Norway is a beautiful country. Hailing from there, we were blessed by the end of last year with Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom Part 1, one of the best Metal Operas ever made. The list of well known guests is impressive: 13 vocalists, 15 guitarists, 2 synths, 6 bassists, 2 drummers, a narrator and choirs. I'm honoured to present you an interview with Marius Danielsen, the project mentor.
Marius, congrats for such a great album and for signing my CD. And, of course, for using some of your precious time to answer this interview!
Can you briefly present yourself and when did you start to listen to Metal?

Hello! Thanks for the great words! Well, I am Marius Danielsen from Norway. Born in the beautiful city Molde. Now I live in another beautiful city called Ålesund.
My love for Metal started back in 2002 when I discovered Ozzy and Black Sabbath. But when my father took me to see Iron Maiden in 2003, I was sold. Iron Maiden made me want to become a rock star. I bought a black Fender Stratocaster few weeks after coming home from that gig. They played The Clansman on this tour. So my love for William Wallace, swords, battlefields and rock music was united in one epic song. I now knew what I had to do in life, hehe!
What are your favorite bands? And influences?
Iron Maiden of course! I own everything they have released, in every edition. My girlfriend thinks I am crazy, haha! Other bands would be Manowar, Helloween, Freedom Call, Rhapsody of Fire and Ramones.
I confess I didn't know Darkest Sins. When did you decide to create the band?
Anniken and I started this band in December 2009. We have released a demo album and an EP, but this year our first real album will finally be out! The demo album which can be found on Spotify was recorded in 2011 with very bad recording conditions, so we are looking forward to finally have something to show how the band actually sounds like today!
Including your younger brother and girlfriend, look's like a family project. How were the reactions to the first album, back in 2012?
It seemed like people liked the songs, but as mentioned, we are not super happy about the sound etc. So we look at it as a demo. I think people will be blown away by the difference both in song material and sound when listening to the new album.
A Darkest Sins new album is coming. What can we expect?
The new album has some of the best songs I have ever been a part of writing, so I think it ended up beyond all expectations. I used Piet Sielck for mix and master on my Metal Opera, and I also wanted to use him for Darkest Sins as well. And he did an amazing job! He also recorded some epic choirs for the album. And we are proud to have our friend Fabio Lione on one of the songs. He sang on the long epic track “Far Away”, which also features an Italian opera part!
Norway is most associated to Black Metal. How is it playing Heavy Power Metal there?
Darkest Sins is one of very few Metal bands with Power Metal influences in our region. Maybe the only one, haha. But, the audience loves it. For me it is all about melody. My idea of music is that if you can't remember the melody of a song after the first listen, then it is not a good song.
When and how did come the idea to create a Metal Opera?
I wrote the first song for Valley Doom back in 2005. The title track “The Legend of Valley Doom”. Back then I just wanted to create a song about a universe created by me, because I loved stuff like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I wanted to have my own universe. After a while I discovered that I had more stories to tell about this place, so I started creating a bigger story. I put the whole project on ice several times because I started bands where this music would not fit, but back in 2013 I decided to do something with this project. And I wanted to go all the way. I wanted to create my ultimate tribute to my most favorite genre, and there's no better way to do this than to have my most favorite artists playing and singing my songs.
How was the process? You and your brother wrote all songs and start to invite the guest vocalists and different players?
Seven of the songs were actually written between 2005 and 2010. Some of them stayed the same as on the old demos, but songs like the title track has changed a lot since the first version. I made a character list so I knew how many vocalists I needed. Then I made a wish list over who I wanted to have singing my songs. It was also important to choose who could sing the songs best and to their character justice. I think everyone involved delivered amazing performances.
How did you arrive to my good friend Artur Almeida? From his band Attick Demons (also having a new album soon)?
Artur was amazing. I heard Attick Demons via some random YouTube searching, and I was just blown away by his voice. I had to have this guy on board! I also made him one of the main characters so I could have him featured on all albums! He is such a nice and talented guy and I am proud to have him onboard.
The result is quite homogeneous, considering the number of persons involved. Gathering everything must have been a nightmare and quite time consuming, no?
It took me almost exactly two years from the first note was recorded to everything was in the hands of Piet Sielck. I don't think many could have mixed this down as majestic sounding as what Piet did, so it was a very wise decision to get him.
I heard the CD is almost sold out. So far, are you happy with the reactions?
The reviews have been amazing, and people are still buying the CD, which makes me glad. I am hoping to sell out the whole stock. That would really help us financing Part 2! :)
This was Part 1. How many more parts do you intend to produce?
I have a story line intended for 3 parts. After that I think I will continue the Marius Danielsen's Legend of”, but maybe with another theme. But I don't know yet. It would be cool to do the whole Samuel Taylor Coleridge's “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” poem as a Metal Opera. I am also very interested in Science Fiction, so a Time Machine-theme is also something I am thinking about.
Part 2 should be on planning. Are you repeating guests? And inviting new guests?
Some of the guests are coming back, but I can't reveal all. But I can say that I will be back, haha. And of course Artur Almeida. And my brother. We have actually already recorded some very, very amazing guests for Part 2!
Finally, do you want to leave a message to the Sounds from Apocalypse readers?
Support the creation of real music. Buy physical copies, because digital music has close to zero income for a musician. Go into and buy the CD or Vinyl of Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom Part 1. Hope to see you on tour in a not too distant future! Byee!
Well, thanks a lot Marius for your time and this interview. And, people, just hear this amazing album and support the music that we all love!

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