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Blame Zeus - Identity (2014) 8/10

Blame Zeus is a Heavy Rock band from Portugal, led by Sandra Oliveira, vocals and singing teacher. She had an excellent participation in the last Heavenwood album, which got my attention to his band and its first and unique album until now. Despite being less Metal for my preferences, Identity is a high quality album, with good songs, well played, mixed and produced. Of course Sandra's vocal skills is the highlight of the album. In conclusion, it can appeal to everybody, and suitable also for family reunions or with non Metal fans.
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   Blame Zeus - Accept (Lyric Video)

Neoplasmah - Auguring the Dust of a New Era (2014) 8/10

After being knocked down by a recent live show, here is the review of their last album. The Portuguese band Neoplasmah plays an excellent technical death metal, supporting a cosmic and human kind powerful message. Fronted by the angelical Sofia Silva, when she sings is like the doors of hell open wide. Angela Gossow (former Arch Enemy vocals) who?! But this extreme vocal fits perfectly in a very strong and obsessive rhythm section and a great twin guitar work. Looking forward for new shows and the next album!
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   Neoplasmah - Stargate to Infinity (lyric video)

Machinergy - Sounds Evolution (2014) 8/10

Machinergy (great name) is a Portuguese Thrash Metal band hanging around since 2006. After the first album, Rhythmotion, in 2010, here it is the second chapter. Having a much better sound than the previous one (it can be found on YouTube), we are presented with a fast Thrash, aggressive vocals and good guitar lines completed by a dense rhythm section, sometimes nearly Death. Among the 43 minutes and the headbanging 10 songs, we also get some nice surprises like one song and several refrains in Portuguese, female choruses and a quite good instrumental.
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   MACHINERGY "Sounds Evolution" 2014 FULL ALBUM in video

Melodius Deite - Episode II, Voyage through the World of Fantasy (2014) 9/10

Probably the first band that I know from Thailand, a country that I love but unsuspected for Metal. When heard this for the first time I knew had to join this to my collection, and bought this and the previous CD (also quite good), signed, directy from the band. And this Episode II is an awesome album, pure Progressive Power Metal well adorned with an excellent neo-classical guitar work and efficient vocals. For references I may nominate Angra or Kamelot, but it's much more, almost 75 minutes of great songs (and some are really long like the 16 min Civilization or the 13 min Sailing Around the World). Besides many surprise bits along the songs I have to highlight the fabulous Land of Fantasy. Anxiously waiting for Episode III.
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   Melodius Deite - Land of Fantasy (Official Music Video)

Eldertale - Land of Old (ep 2014) 8/10

Good Melodic Folk Metal hailing from Ukraine. Despite existing since 2005, with some hibernations inbetween, only last year this first EP was released, in digital format. First notice is the small size even for an EP, only 17 minutes spread by three songs. The first one is a good fast folk melodeath song; the second, title-theme, has a long sympho intro (maybe too long, almost half the song) but continued in perfection; and the last song is more experimental, interesting but not so catchy. The band is currently finishing the first album, looking forward to hear it.
   Eldertale Facebook
   Eldertale - Land of Old (full EP)

Skálmöld - Med Vaettum (2014) 9/10

Iceland has only a population of less than 330000, but from time to time, a viking horde floods the World with Metal. Last Skalmold's opus, Med Vaettum, is a very fine example of excellent Viking Folk Metal. As always, it is sung in Icelandic, includes a powerful rhythm section, 3 guitars and keyboard that fit perfectly. All six members sing, giving many combinations and choruses. The theme for this album is the Four Seasons, each with two songs. And the music flows nicely, ending with two themes from the awesome concert with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra (in the digipack edition). A superb album from a superb band.
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   Skálmöld - Gleipnir (Official Video)

Lyria - Catharsis (2014) 7/10

Lyria is a recent metal band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fronted by Aline Happ, one of the happiest smiles I've ever seen, they succeeded to get the $8000 USD on a crowdfunding for releasing the first album without a record company. And what is the result? Midtempo symphonic metal, some gothic, where the main focus is Aline's beautiful voice. Some influences from Evanescence and Within Temptation can be traced here and, as these bands, can attract many fans outside Metal. Catharsis is quite homogeneous, it's hard to highlight some songs. Anyway, my favorites are Jester (that turned the official video) and What do you want from me. Promising band!
   Lyria Facebook
   Lyria - Jester Official Music Video

Kaledon - Antillius: The King of the Light (2014) 8/10

Sometimes Heavy Metal is not only music neither individual stories. An album can tell a story taking us to other worlds, thus acting like a score for a movie. And there's no other country like Italy for these concept albums, being Rhapsody its greatest reference. Kaledon is another major reference. After the Legend of the Forgotten Reign on 6 CDs and the story of Altor, here we have another chapter from the kingdom of Kaledon. And like the previous albums, this one is filled with powerful, melodic and emotive songs, maintaining Kaledon as one of the top Italian bands. So sit, enjoy the album while reading the story and the lyrics, and dream with fantasy lands.
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   KALEDON - 'The Calm Before The Storm' official video

Obscurity - Vintar (2014) 9/10

My big fault not knowing this band until 2 months ago, and what I was missing! Obscurity is a quintet coming from Germany and plays a powerful and melodic Pagan Viking Metal. Vintar, their last opus is one of those CDs that can be heard several times in a row. Since the midtempo Naglfar or Vintar to the Dominium hymn (Amon Amarth be threatened!) or the fast Alte Zeichen, every song was a must, making this album almost perfect.
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Kalidia - Lies' Device (2014) 8/10

Italy is an awesome country when it concerns to Melodic Power Metal. And here we have a fine example. Kalidia started in 2010 and Lies' Device is its first album, printed and commercialized by the band. The music is a Heavy Metal quite melodic with some Power Metal here and there. The full range of Melodic Metal is covered, always with Nicoletta Rosellini's crystal voice, since the Shadow Will be Gone slow to the fast and powerful Lies' Device, my favorite and the first official band video. Great start, looking forward for the next album!
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