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Drakum - Trollmin (EP 2015) 9/10

The Spanish answer to Finntroll. My friends from Barcelona do like trolls and trolls parties. After the first album, Torches Will Rise Again, here is the most recent EP, released in September 2015. 5 on 6 songs with troll their names does identify the purpose. The music is an irresistible Folk Metal with Death vocals, plenty of chorus and a good coordination of all instruments (including flute, bagpipe, violin, keyboard, two guitars, bass and drums). It's impossible to be in a bad mood when listening to this. Cover and lyrics are quite funny, but the video is awesome with all members going to a troll cauldron ☺. Looking forward to see the band live, again, party assured!
   Drakum Facebook
   Drakum - Troll Recipe (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Sercati - In the Shadows of Sidewalks (EP 2015) 9/10

In the Shadows of Sidewalks, as subtitle indicates (Tales of the Fallen Part 3) is the third chapter of a conceptual story about a fallen angel integrated with mankind and fighting against Lucifer. Besides these three chapters and the parallel project The Nightstalker, reviewed next, this story already includes two books, everything from the mind of Steve Fabry. This EP is an awesome piece of melodic and catchy Black Metal. The first two songs prepare the coming of two of the best riff-based Black Metal songs ever heard. To get into the mood, I strongly advise to read the lyrics while listening.Only one defect: the EP lasts for only 17 minutes.
   Sercati Facebook
   Youtube Natural City Channel (Sercati)

The Nightstalker - All for a Promise (2015) 8/10

Following Sercati's story (see previous review), this parallel project concentrates on the perspective of the main character, the fallen angel called The Nightstalker. All For a Promise is the third chapter and concentrates on the reaction of our hero to the death of her friend. Maintaining Sercati's style, melodic symphonic Black Metal with killer riffs, the melancholy is transported from the story to the album, giving a darker feeling. Let's wait for the fourth chapter wondering what will happen.
   The Nightstalker Facebook
   If I had never felt - The Nightstalker

Cruz de Ferro - Morreremos de Pé (2015) 8/10

Three years after the first EP, the awaited album of the most Epic Heavy Metal Portuguese band is finally available. The album motif (we may add, the band's motif) is the rich Portuguese History; for those who don't know, we are one of the oldest countries in the world. Starting by the excellent Pedro Sena Lordigan cover, the album's name (translation: We Will Die Standing), and all songs themes, we smell history. The unique Ricardo's vocals, always in Portuguese, the epic sound, the catchy refrains, makes this is a great album and a deserved verification for those who don't know. Morreremos de pé e a lutar!
   Cruz de Ferro Facebook
   Cruz de Ferro - O Decepado

Sunless Rise - Unrevealed (2015) 8/10

I was introduced to this band by a friend and here we have another fine example of the Russian Metal Excellence. Originally from Siberia, they are now based in S. Petersburg. Unrevealed is the band's first album, self-produced, available as digital and as limited digipack edition. And it causes quite an impression. The music is a Modern Melodic Death, somehow like a cross between Children of Bodom and Soilwork. The vocals, in English, alternate between Modern Clean and Death, the insane guitar and keyboards layers add so much variation that we need several auditions to learn all details. Definitely a band to follow!
   Sunless Rise Facebook
   Sunless Rise - Reborn

Camaxtli Yoxippa - Uacúsecha (ep 2015) 8/10

Internet allows for these things, to find such unknown yet quite interesting and original bands. Camaxtli Yoxippa comes from Mexico and drinks its inspiration from the Prehispanic culture. The music is a mix between Death and Folk Metal together with a large pack of Mexican folklore, flutes and prehispanic instruments. Interested? You should. This EP, as the previous one, are available through Bandcamp. Among the Ep's five songs (two instrumentals), we get good Death with interesting guitar lines, lots of folk and acoustic instruments, and nature sounds. The only complain? It ends too fast.
   Camaxtli Yoxippa Facebook
   Camaxtli Yoxippa - Canción de Tierra

Sailing To Nowhere - To the Unknown (2015) 8/10

To The Unknown is the first album of a young and dynamic band from Italy. Since I know the band, several lineup changes have occurred, two since the album release. The music is a soft Power Metal, quite melodic. The two powerful vocals, both male (Marco Palazzi, ex-Kaledon) and female, create interesting duets. The band name, scenario and themes goes around the sea and sailing. Among some powerful songs, like You Won't Dare and Sailing to Nowhere, there are several well balanced ballads. A final note to the good production and great artwork. For sure a band to follow.
   Sailing to Nowhere Facebook
   SAILING TO NOWHERE - 'Sailing To Nowhere' official video

Spartan - The Fall of Olympus (2015) 9/10

Hell Yeah! What an awesome first full-length. Spartan is a Dutch band that plays an energetic Melo Death with some Power influences. The band's main theme is the Greek story and mithology (no? kidding, starting by the band's name). All songs are good, one after another delivering great and varied guitar rhythms and solos, an efficient death vocals and all mixed together with a good rhythmic section. Highlights: Breaking the Chains of Olympus (with Henning Basse as guest), the fabulous Elysium and Eurydice's Son (with guest Hadassa Kosten, TheName's vocal). While maintaining a proper identity, not easy on the Melodic Death field, those who like Amon Amarth will for sure like Spartan.
   Spartan Facebook
   Spartan - Elysium [OFFICIAL VIDEO HD]

Manegarm - Manegarm (2015) 9/10

Here it is the new album of this prominent Viking Folk Swedish band. And what a better way to comemorate 20 years than releasing an hell of an album, to me one of 2015's best. Long are gone the Black Metal influences, with exception to Manljus, curiously the very first Manegarm song, never released. This is pure emotive Viking Folk, full of melodic tones and appealing choruses. The music suggests conquests, sung by glorious warriors seated by the fire on a cold night. By opposition to previous album, on this one most of the songs are sung in Swedish. Nominating the best song is an easy task, the superb cavalry Odin Owns Ye All. Another highlight is the last song, Mother Earth Father Thunder, Bathory's cover, with the beautiful voice of Jennie Tebler, Quorthon's sister.
   Manegarm Facebook
   MANEGARM - Odin Owns Ye All (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Beorn - Time to Dare (2015) 8/10

Russia has many great bands and Beorn belongs to this list. By the band logo we may think of piracy and effectivelly most of the lyrics are related, but the music has so many variations, that is hard to catalog. As suggested on their Facebook page, Modern Symphonic Power Metal may fit most of the time. On this first album, all songs are extremely well played, Greg's clean vocals integrates perfectly and the production is sharp. Starting with one of the three instrumentals on the album, immediatly we navigate to Riders of the Sky, one of the Power Metal hymns. But then the band's versatility comes with a metal disco and a slow, any of them could win a non metal song contest. With so many bands around, it's not easy to be highlighted, but Beorn got it.
   Beorn Facebook
   Beorn - The Chest of Deadman

Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom - Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom Part 1 (2015) 9/10

Who's Marius Danielsen? That was my first question when first heard about this project in a conversation with my good friend Artur Almeida (Attick Demons vocal) and one of the guests. Well, this almost unknown Norwegian fellow is the vocal/guitar of Darkest Sins. Again, never heard. Ten years ago, Marius had the vision to create an ambicious Power Metal Opera and started to write the concept album, divided by chapters. The result? Well, this Part 1 is an excellent Symphonic Power Metal album, one of the year's good surprises. The comparison to Avantasia is immediate but the Valley Doom album is for sure better and stronger than the last Avantasia's albums. With a huge guest list, most well known musicians and vocals, all contributions fit together like a nightmare puzzle. Impossible for any Melodic Metal fan to dislike it.
   Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom Facebook
   MARIUS DANIELSENS - Legend of Valley Doom // Raise Your Shields Feat. Mark Boals // Crime Records

Web - Everything Ends (2015) 8/10

One of the oldest Portuguese Metal bands, created in 1986 by two Tarantula's roadies. Web's style is an uncompromised Thrash Metal tinted here and there with some Doom and Speed. Despite its age and regular concerts agenda, Everything Ends is only its third full-length. The mature lineup, stable for more than 10 years, is well patent in the songs construction and conjugation between Fernando's vocals, rythm section and fine Filipe's and Victor's guitars work. Just check the video below with my fave song on this album and you'll be involved in the Web. Last words for the tuned production and excellent artwork, based on old paintings (Brugel and Bosh).
   Web Facebook
   WEB - Taking The World (Lyric Video)

Rocka Rollas - Pagan Ritual (2015) 9/10

A month ago the world saw the triple attack of the active and multifaceted musician Cederick, with the releases of the new Rocka Rollas, Blazon Stone and Breitenhold records. For now, the Rocka Rollas review, its most known project. Composed by 8 powerful, melodic and fast themes, with lots of choruses and some celtic and folk parts, this last album could be easily placed side by side with the best Helloween or Blind Guardian works. And the work for Rocka Rollas 2016 album already started.
   Rocka Rollas Facebook
   Rocka Rollas - Demigod

Breitenhold - The Inn of Sorrowing Souls (2015) 8/10

Here is another of Ced's veins, this one more speedy and less power. Contrary to Rocka Rollas (review above), for this project Ced sings and plays all instruments. While preferring Breitenhold's first album, this one is still a good work, plenty of fast and melodic songs. Vocal lines could be better, but the music will please any True Metal fan. Favorite songs here: Mirrors of Life (very Blind Guardian), the instrumental Return to the Secret Worlds and A Soulless Tale.
   Rocka Rollas Facebook (includes Breitenhold)
   Breitenhold - The Inn Of Sorrowing Souls

Blazon Stone - No Sign of Glory (2015) 8/10

There are not 2 without 3, so we say in Portugal. And here is the third Ced's vein. As anyone can guess by the project's or the album's names, here it is a Running Wild alternative team. For this album, as usual, Ced played all instruments. For vocals, he got the help of Georgi Penchev (Mosh-Pit Justice) and what a good job he has done, with a similar tone to Rolf Kasparek's. Musically, the album includes the typical fast songs with catchy solos and sung-along choruses, with no weak tracks. Like the previous Return to Port Royal, this one is better than any Running Wild album in the last 20 years.
   Rocka Rollas Facebook (includes Blazon Stones)
   Blazon Stone - A Traitor Among Us (from upcoming new album!!)

Atlas Pain - Behind the Front Page (EP 2015) 9/10

This amazing new band hails from Milan, Italy, and plays Epic Folk Metal with some Melo Death and Symphonic. Noticeable are also influences from epic movies scores. For those who like Equilibrium or Wintersun, Atlas Pain is definitively a band to check and you won't regret. The intro invites us to be served by a fest of galloping guitars (also some Dragonforce here and there), harsh vocals, great melody lines, beautiful folk moments, cinematographic orchestrations, the only problem being that it ends too soon. I can't highlight a song, maybe the "The Storm" the closest to Equilibrium. I wonder why they haven't been approached by a record company; to me this band is the best newcomer of the year!
   Atlas Pain Facebook

See You Leather - Back To Aleph (EP 2015) 7/10

This young band (great name!) was formed three years ago in Catania, Italy, and this is the first recorded work! Back To Aleph is not easy to categorize. Since the first song, more technical thrash, to the last song, more doom death, included are many interesting details and an efficient mix of all instruments, with particular emphasis to the guitars work. For a first work, not bad at all, maybe too doom to my taste and some punky vocal lines could be avoided.
   See You Leather Facebook
   See You Leather - I Am The Beast (Live @ We Rock Fest 2013)

Energy of the Elements - 03:30 Dehuman Rise (2015) 7/10

Energy of the Elements is an Italian band, founded in 2008, but only now here comes its first full-length, under the Underground Symphony label. Playing an "Italianized" Power Metal, the first reference coming to mind is Rhapsody of Fire, due to the fast and melodic games between the two guitars and keyboards, highlighted by choruses, in most songs. But there are also some progressive experiences as in Follow Me or Gloria Anima Mundi, or a touch of melo death and thrash, in Hiding Behind Shadows. The album includes several guests from other Italian bands. Resuming, it's quite an interesting first album, maybe my main remark is some flaws on vocals.
   Energy of the Elements Facebook
   Hiding Behind Shadows - Lyric Video

Intrinsic - Nails (2015) 8/10

Intrinsic is a Metal band from California, that recently recovered and remixed this album, originally recorded in 1992 and that never saw the light of day. In America those days were not easy due to grunge rise. To name a style is a hard task, the principal may be american power / speed but hard rock, thrash, pure heavy, stoner, progressive are also present. With this in mind, we are pleased by 72 minutes of good and varied Heavy Metal, dot. Hearing the first songs, Jag Panzer comes to mind, but then Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Anthrax, even Iron Maiden, are invited to the party. All we have to pray the Gods of Metal for not letting this rust in the void.
   Intrinsic Facebook
   INTRINSIC - On Gossamer Wings (OFFICIAL)

W.A.S.P. - Golgotha (2015) 7/10

Six years after the last album, Golgotha is the new full-length of this charismatic american hard rock band, marking the beginning of collaboration with the Austrian label Napalm Records. And this is a good album, for sure W.A.S.P. fans (where I'm not included) will love it. Crispy production, Blackie's vocals better than ever, good solo guitars and a mix of hard rock hymns with metal sentimental slows. But I miss some power, I find the album too soft and too american radio. My favorite song? The title theme.
   W.A.S.P. Facebook
   W.A.S.P. - Scream (Official Lyric Video)

Virgin Steele - Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation (2015) 6/10

Five years after the last full length, here it is the new work of Mr. David DeFeis, Edward Pursino and mates. As a curiosity, this album has three different covers for normal CD, special edition 2CD and vinyl (appealing to collectors?). And, boy, this album is long, around 79 minutes (and the bonus CD 73 minutes). The problem is that many of these minutes are just fill-in boring sequences and experiences, far from the Marriage or Invictus albums. Of course we have good typical Virgin Steele tunes, namely the first four. I enjoy a lot David's melodic vocals when he doesn't abuse the squeals, but these appear too often, as well as several unnecessary vocal effects. Edward's Pursino guitar is as good as always.
   Virgin Steele Facebook
   VIRGIN STEELE "Lucifer´s Hammer" (Official Lyric Video)

Powerwolf - Blessed & Possessed (2015) 10/10

Metal is Religion. This is the motto of one of the currently most charismatic Power Metal bands. Blessed & Possessed is the sixth full length and maintains the same formula of the successfull Preachers of the Night (2013). With an immaculate production, along the 11 tracks, all around 4 minutes length, we are blessed by the characteristic powerful Attila Dorn vocals, constant choruses, and the very own integration between guitars, keyboard and drums, that make the Powerwolf sound so unique. Besides these 45 minutes of awesome songs to sing and headbang, don't miss the Metallum Nostrum CD (special editions), with great unique (and raw) interpretations of 10 Metal Anthems. Glad to be blessed and possessed by Powerwolf.
   Powerwolf Facebook
   POWERWOLF - Army Of The Night (Official Video)

Torchia - Ending Beginning (2015) 7/10

Do you like fast guitar-based death/melodeath Metal? Torchia is definitivelly a new band to check and follow. Hailing from Children of Bodom's country, the music goes beyond the melodeath scene and incorporates thrash, speed and interesting compositions. Just measuring from the three songs included in this self release demo, an interesting career is previewed. My favorite is the title song, a quite catchy fast thrash-death song.
   Torchia Facebook
   Torchia - Nameless Story (from oNe demo)

Tengger Cavalry - Blood Sacrifice Shaman (2015) 8/10

Here it is one of the most original and exquisite Folk Metal bands in the world. Tengger Cavalry comes from China and are led by Nature Ganganbaigal, at the moment studying in New York. After two awesome albums, The Expedition (my first contact with TC) and Ancient Call, this album is the reedition of their first album, published in 2010. Not as accessible as the last two, it's an album that gains interest each time it spins. Included are virtuous guitar lines perfectly mixed with traditional mongolian musical instruments, horse tools and mongolian chants. Really unique!
   Tengger Cavalry Facebook
   Blood Sacrifice Shaman (2015), by Tengger Cavalry (Bandcamp)

Projekt Noir - Sky (EP 2015) 7/10

What? Joao Speedy is reviewing a non metal CD? Hell, yes but... Metal boundaries are far from being defined and this EP could be defined as Post Atmospheric Black Metal. This is the interesting project of a friend, Mario Rodrigues, taking care of all strings and keys. Whispering vocals and lyris, in Icelandic, are assured by Johann Orn from the Atmospheric Black Metal band Dynfari. In these only 17 minutes, a quite dark environment is set up, transporting us to cold, dark and windy lands. This could be played anywhere without annoying anyone. Looking forward to the album, later this year.
   Projekt Noir Facebook
   Projekt NÖIR Sjálfsmynd dauðleikans (official)

Munarheim - Stolzes Wesen Mensch (2015) 9/10

Munarheim is a Symphonic Folk Metal from Bavaria, Germany. Only this year I knew them for the first time and, holy shit, this is the best Symphonic Metal I have heard for many years. Of course I ordered both albums (2014 Nacht und Stürme werden Licht is also awesome), in very limited and awesome editions. This 500 limited edition, book format, includes 3CDs with normal, orchestral and instrumental versions, signed post-cards for each of the 8 members and a patch. And the music? Pompous symphonic, flute and other several folk details, lots of melody, continuous variations, black and clean vocals. Some parts reminded me Bal-Sagoth and Equilibrium. In conclusion, a must to check!
   Munarheim Facebook
   Munarheim - Stolzes Wesen Mensch (Lyric Video)

Horrizon - Dwelling Within (2015) 8/10

Another good surprise for current year, and another band that I didn't know. Dwelling Within is the second album for this Melodic Death Viking Metal German band. Though there are so many Melodeath band, Horrizon succeeds to find a proper place and sound. Balancing between harsher songs, like From the Abyss of Hell, and the slower Whispering My Name, it manages to have a proper sound, pleasing to both Amarth and Dark Tranquillity fans.
   Horrizon Facebook
   Horrizon - Last Masquerade

Speedemon - First Blood EP (2015) 7/10

Here it is the premiere of Speedemon, a thrash speed metal Portuguese band. Started in 2011, as usual with new underground metal acts suffered several member changes. Finally, persistence is rewarded with this First Blood. With less than 15 minutes, along the four songs speed is the word. Drinking influences mainly from thrash and speed, but also including some power guitars and death vocals, this is quite interesting and a promising premiere. White smoke, he have band!
   Speedemon Facebook
   SPEEDEMON Road to Madness

II Dawn - II Dawn EP (2015) 6/10

In 2013, Padova (Italy, where the medieval saint Anthony of Lisbon, or Anthony of Padova, is buried) saw the birth of a new symphonic band. II Dawn (II is 2 in roman numbers) is formed by two guitars, drums and the interesting doll face Sara on vocals. Bass and keyboard are assured by guests. Alter Ego initiates well the Ep, fast and melodic. Remaining songs are less catchy, though well constructed and maintaining the good vocals performance. While being an EP, I miss longer and more varied songs.
   II Dawn Facebook
   II Dawn EP - Teaser

Within Silence - Gallery of Life (2015) 8/10

Within Silence is a new Melodic Power Metal band coming from Slovakia. If you like Sonata Arctica or Stratovarius, this is definitively a band to look at. Gallery of Life is the first album and what a debut. After a short Intro, speed and melody fills the air starting with one of the strongest songs and official video Silent Desire. There are no weak songs in the album. While not maintaining the same speed, all songs are melodic, with excellent vocals, choruses and efficient players. Congratulations Brothers!
   Within Silence Facebook
   Within Silence - Silent Desire [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Helloween - My God Given Right (2015) 7/10

Between 1985 and 1989, Helloween was my top band, but after Kay Hansen's departure, it never was the same. With Andi Deris, the happy Power Metal was somehow recovered, but still without the first years shine. And what about this 16th album? More of the same, some good expected songs, like Heroes or Battle's Won, some slows, some pop, some groove, the characteristic Andi's voice, but nothing new or far from last albums.
   Helloween Facebook

Finsterforst - Mach Dich Frei (2015) 10/10

I'm a big Finsterforst fan since the first album, back in 2007. So I have always great expectations when a new album is coming. And this is a masterpiece, epic, powerfull and unique Folk Metal, or Black Forest Metal, as called by the band. And we, lucky listeners, are presented with a mix of quite different size songs, the longest (23 minutes) curiously with the band's name. On the first listening time we never know what surprise comes next, but always with all instruments layers mixed perfectly. Vocally speaking, in German as usuall, there is a balanced mix between growls and clean vocals. My highlight is, of course, the powerful Mach Dich Frei (Set Yourself Free), raising perfection and with a strong message well illustrated by a superb video. Finally, I do advise to see these guys alive, it's an unforgettable experience.
   Finsterforst Facebook
   FINSTERFORST - Mach Dich Frei (Official Video)

Ironsword - None but the Brave (2015) 8/10

For a long time that we haven't new albums from this epic Heavy Metal trio, for sure one of the most representative Portuguese bands, headed by João "Tann" Fonseca. The impressive cover, figuring "Conan the Cimmerian" immediately warns us what we can expect from the band's fourth album. Drinking from classic old school Heavy, like Manilla Road and Omen, None But the Brave aligns 12 can't-be-more-epic songs that will make you headbang and sing along. Looking forward to see these Brothers alive!
   Ironsword Facebook
   IRONSWORD - Calm Before the Storm

Aethyr - Towards The Realm Of Nothingness (2015) 9/10

One excellent surprise! Aethyr is a new band hailing from Valencia, Spain, and not to be confused with a Doom Russian band or a Black Greek band with the same name. Despite the blackish logo, they play an epic Folk Melodic Metal and the first similar band coming to my mind is Frosttide but some bits here and there remind Wintersun. This first album, self produced and only digital by now, chains 8 themes quite well constructed, without missing an instrumental and long varied songs. Highlighting songs is difficult, maybe The Chosen One, Wanderer and Realm of Nothingless. The only defect? Some repetition on the ohh ohh choruses.
   Aethyr Facebook
   Album on Bandcamp

Ensiferum - One Man Army (2015) 8/10

Received recently the awesome tin can Deluxe Editon and was with some expectation that I put this to spin. After the somehow decepting 2012 Unsung Heroes and last year's Suomi Warmetal covers compilation, a positive inversion is needed. And the Finns are back to melodic and pompous albums. With a typical intro, immediately two powerful songs and the album title follows and will stay in everybody's ears. A small acoustic piece introduces one of the album highlights: Warrior Without a War.Time for more three typical Ensiferum songs and, as in the last three albums, a long epic theme. In conclusion, not as good as the melodic death folk standards defined on the first two albums, but better than the last ones.
   Ensiferum Facebook
   Ensiferum "One Man Army" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Nox Aeterna - The Desperation Deal (2015) 7/10

Nox Aeterna is an unsigned melodic death metal band from The Netherlands. The Desperation Deal, recorded and produced by the band and released in March 2015, is a concept album telling the story of two brothers, Einarr and Jorund, and the demonic Ranaah. This new album starts quite well with a magnificent Restless Vigilance, honoured by the first video for the album. Following are more 48 minutes of fast and solid melodic death as I like: no exaggerated harsh vocals, a good pair of guitars, catchy riffs and efficient rhythm section. Questionless, a band to check and follow.
   Nox Aeterna Facebook
   Nox Aeterna - Restless Vigilance )

Moonspell - Extinct (2015) 8/10

Before reviewing this last Moonspell's work I must declare two things: I'm not a gothic music fan, normally I don't pay attention to gothic bands; and Wolfheart is still on my top ten albums ever, at that time, 1995, it opened to me new horizons in terms of Metal vocals, before that I only listened to bands with clean vocals. And now the review of this album, that went number one in portuguese sales on its first week! Moonspell doesn't cease to surprise in each album and this is a hell of an album, quite melodic and with a superb production. All instruments, played with perfection, and Fernando's unique vocals, mix in a way that transport us to exquisite atmospheres. The album starts strongly with the two first video songs (love that Extinct solo), then turns to orient with Medusalem (with arabian strings) being this one of my favorites. Next songs are irreprehensible gothic typical Moonspell songs and the album ends with a small acoustic french song. The mediabook edition includes different mixes of four album songs as bonus, and a revealing 84 min Road to Extinction documentary. One last word to praise the fantastic artwork.
   Moonspell Facebook
   MOONSPELL - Extinct (Official Video)

Frosttide - Blood Oath (2015) 9/10

After the awesome Awakenig in 2013 (I head this album for sure more than 100 times, it's still im my mobile), expectations were quite high for these Finnish. And they got to surpass! Blood Oath is still Melodic Death Folk Metal, but all songs fit perfectly like a puzzle and even two small introductory instrumental pieces were in place. After an epic Prologue we get the fast title theme and the long and varied Gates of the Asylum, followed by the powerfull Fate Redefined, the first Official video. And delight doesn't stop with four more songs, including the epic 11 min New Reign. Looking forward to see Frosttide alive!
   Frosttide Facebook

The Storyteller - Sacred Fire (2015) 9/10

Knowing The Storyteller since the demos period and making its first interview for the "Sounds from Apocalypse" webzine, I always knew that we are facing a very special band. The style of these Swedes doesn't lie: high quality Power Metal with Folk bits.
After some year's hiatus, 2013 marked the comeback with Dark Legacy, also great but somehow a little darker than the previous albums.
And in late 2014 we have Sacred Fire, to be officialy distributed only in 2015. This masterpiece has everything to please all Metal lovers: powerful melodies, catchy chorus, slower emotive songs and faster themes. Produced by the band, the care in all aspects is well noticed, the aim being to create a perfect work. And they got it. It's hard to highlight some themes, starting with the speedy As I Die, the powerful hymn Sacred Fire, the fast Serpent Eyes (influences of old german speed metal) well followed by another speedy Sons of the North. Then another hymn, In Search for Treasure, ready to sing along in concerts. Coming Home, next, should be one of the best slow Metal songs in years. And back to speed with The Army of Southerfell and Course of the Seven Seas. Before ending this album we still are presented with two more powerful songs.
In conclusion, a perfect Power Metal mix, without weak themes, and all perfect for great live shows. This album will lead The Storyteller to the Power Metal podium and should be one the the best albums of the year. Sacred Fire is burning very well!
   The Storyteller Facebook
   The Storyteller - One Last Stand (Official music video)


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