First two Rocka Rollas' albums are great as well as Blazon Stone's. But when I heard Breitenhold and the last Rocka Rollas' Road to Destruction, I have to meet the genius behind all these works, Cederick Forsberg, buy all stuff and know more about him. Awesome guy, I received quickly even more stuff than ordered, all albums signed :) And here is the interview.

When did you find out Heavy Metal?
Probably when I was like 10, when Brave New World came out. I saw “Out Of The Silent Planet” on MTV and was hooked directly! Hammerfalls “Renegade” was also playing at that time, so that's also a big part of the process.
The desire to compose and to play came from that beginning?
I have always written music (I even remember my first metal riff made way before I even heard Maiden as mentioned above) but it wasn't probably until I was like 13 when I started my first punk band I actually begun writing songs for real. And then doing some metal aside of that but it became the main thing later on, obviously, hahaha.
Most musicians concentrate on one instrument, but you play all and also you sing! When did you find this natural aptitude?
I was a drummer as a kid, but I find the guitar to be a lot more creative, so that's why I'm having guitar as main instrument nowadays. Bass is fun too, and I really like singing when my voice allows me to, haha!!
Did you learn by yourself or had classes?
Most of my skills of self-taught. I have taken some classes in drumming in school but I was always ahead of the lessons, haha! However, in retrospect, I might have been even better now if I paid attention, but I have short patience and wanna do stuff my way so classes was never my thing.
Are your main influences coming from German Speed Metal like old Helloween (with Kay Hansen) and obviously Running Wild? Other influences like NWOBHM or Swedish Power Metal? [Just a side note to tell you that one of my top albums ever is Walls of Jericho and the cause for my nickname :D ]
Yeah I really like the german brand of speed metal, including Scanner, early Blind Guardian (I like the later stuff too), Grave Digger, etc etc. All that stuff. There's just something that speaks to me with those bands. I never got along well with the USPM bands, save for a few, but those sound quite german in comparison (Riot!) and then the Swedish power metal bands usually have a bit of lowenergy feeling to them, for some reason. Not all of course, there's some really good ones from Sweden too. I like early Hammerfall and The Storyteller and bands like that. Lost Horizon to some extent. I have never been a big fan of the “traditional” metal which is a bit too “rocky” for me, but Iof course I like some of that stuff too.
I like a lot your Speed/Power projects. It's amazing, man, your ease in creating such great music with killer riffs and melodic choruses. If I dare to compare, you're like the Mozart of Speed Metal ha ha ha! Is this so easy to you to compose these songs with original riffs?
Haha thanks dude. I have very easy to write new stuff; I think it's a combination of being hyper-creative and also I don't care if something sounds like something else. Of course I try to avoid this at times, but withprojects like Blazon Stone the whole Running Wild sound is already there, so I just gotta focus on writing songs in that style. With Rocka Rollas it's different now than before, it's not just the regular style of speed metal you heard on the first three, there's more elements to the sound now.
An info to our readers: in the last two years, you released Rocka Rollas' Metal Strikes Back (August 2013) and The Road to Destruction (September 2014), Mortyr's Rise of the Tyrant (August 2013), Blazon Stone's Return to Port Royal (September 2013), Breitenhold's Secret Worlds (November 2014), Lector's Bubonic Dawn (November 2014). Also you collaborate with Cloven Altar (if there are no mistakes or omissions on Metal Encyclopedia). And you are only 25 years old!
How do you manage to have time to all these projects, each one with its own style? Do you ever sleep?

Music is the thing I'm best at, I basically suck at everything else in the world. I don't meet many friends, I don't party anymore since 3 years back, I prefer to be in my man cave all day long writing and recording. It's all thanks to an understanding girlfriend who works every day, and I do my best to provide some income to the household with the music, even tho it's not so much yet. But she knows I will go further with my career and I'm sure of that too. I can't have it another way, music IS my life.
How did it happen the collaboration of Overdrive's Janne Stark on last Rocka Rollas and Crystal Viper's Marta Gabriel on Breitenhold?
Janne Stark wanted to have some information about Rocka Rollas for his book Encyclopedia Of Swedish Heavy Metal and one thing led to another, he asked if he could join in on a guitar solo and I mean... I was days before he mailed me thinking about recording a cover of Overdrives “Dream Away” and then he mails me... Of course I want the guy on a song! Hahaha! Marta was a bit different, actually I can't remember exactly how it went, but it happened, and turned out cool!
What are your next albums? Are you thinking of new bands
Well, I always have different new ideas. I try to keep the number down and the quality up, but sometimes I overwork myself. Right now I juts focus on getting stuff finished before proceeding to new stuff. I haven't written a new song in a week or two, which is VERY unusual.
Could we ever see a European Tour, or concerts outside Sweden?
Of course! We just have to find a dedicated singer. Or at least somebody who wanna take over vocals for a tour, because I myself just aint going to fix it. I ruin my voice too easily, I just have to talk to people for a while and my throat is sore, and singing is even worse. This is quite shitty, but I can do some good stuff in the studio, and I'm happy for that. I can sing live, but I really have to save my voice before going on stage, trying to avoid conversations. And the day after a gig; my whole body hurts, and I have no idea why. Feels like having a hangover after a week of binge drinking, but I haven't drink any booze for 3 years, so even tho I look forward to gigs, I know I'm always going to be a wreck afterwards. I have to find a way around this... Hahahah!!!)
Finally, do you want to leave a message to Sounds from Apocalypse readers?
Well, I hope you enjoyed the interview, or maybe get your eyes opened for us if you never heard of us; keep on with the metal for all time!

Thanks a lot Brother for your music and the interview. Looking forward for next albums.

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