Undoubtedly, Moonspell is the biggest Metal band in Portugal, and one of the most important portuguese musical ambassadeurs. There are not many bands that could embark on a 50 dates european tour. Promoting the 1755 album, based on the Lisbon Earthquake and totally sung in portuguese, Moonspell are taking some of our History and the portuguese language abroad. Of course Lisbon, city mother under the spell, must be included in the tour.

And, if this is not an attractive argument, the tour also includes Rotting Christ and Silver Dust. The greek Black Metal masters are promoting the excellent The Heretics and are known for great live shows has they demonstrated on the previous visits. Silver Dust was unknown to me, what I have heard before didn't got my attention.

So, on a dark Tuesday, I went to Capitolio at Lisbon city center. It was a theater, then a porn cinema, before being unused for many years. The recent renovation transformed the building into a modern concert room with capacity for 1500 persons. With space, good transportation network, good sound and lighting, it's the perfect venue for metal shows. The only complain is that it got too hot, a better regulation on air conditioning would be nice.

Despite making photo reports just for fun, that I never edit, I never requested Press accreditation neither free tickets. Whenever a band asks me some photos, I gladly send them full resolution with no water mark, happy to help. Whenever possible and authorized, I take my Canon Reflex, no extra lens. When I receive no answer I take a small compact camera, that allow me to control speed and ISO. For this concert, I asked the promoter, Prime Artists and one of their elements, for authorization. Getting no answer, I took the smaill compact camera, that already went to countless concerts and festivals (Iron Maiden, Rock Fest, Leyendas del Rock), and far inferior to some recent smartphones. But, my stupefaction, when starting to take the first photos, the security guys didn't allow, saying they have instructions for not allowing cameras (any type) but mobiles were OK. So all photos here and the photo reports for this show were taken by a Huawei mobile, never used for metal shows. Come on, Prime Artists, you should define which cameras are not allowed (reflex, replaceable lenses, for instance).

At 19h30, the show started with SILVER DUST. Being unknown for most people, they are a swiss gothic doom rock band with the difficult task to open for such monsters as Moonspell and Rotting Christ. But the show was good and entertaining, with steampunk references and quite theatrical. A video panel, simulating a tall mirror, helped to create ambience and complementing the stories. The quite crowded public received the band very well.

Since the first notes of 666, ROTTING CHRIST conquered the audience. The sound was just perfect for their cold songs. When I was expecting that the new album would fill the setlist, I couldn't be more wrong, only two songs from The Heretics. With four songs it was Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy the most played and one song from each of other five albums, besides the popular Societas Satanas cover. Highlight of the show was King Of A Stellar War, from the 1996 superb Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers (first album bought from the band), that lead to the best public participation until there. The almost full house corresponded and simultaneously seemed to drain the energy from the band, exhausted but happy.

And finally MOONSPELL. The scenario with 2 big crosses and a Carmo Convent ruins background transported us to the conceptual theme of 1755. Fernando Ribeiro entered alone with a lamp just introducing the first song Em Nome Do Medo, curiously not from the last album. And that was just the beginning of another awesome performance, comprising 18 songs, from the portuguese Metal Gods. Following were, then, three from 1755 and back to the roots with Opium and Awake. By then the public was already wild, never saving the support. If Lisbon loves Moonspell, it's also true that Moonspell loves the city, as Fernando reminded several times. Besides five songs from 1755, the importance of Wolfheart and Irreligious, with three and four songs, respectively, is undeniable. Five other albums were represented, covering an already long career and constituting a balanced setlist. The second national anthem, the always emotive Alma Mater, closed the regular setlist. For encore, after Todos Os Santos and before the inevitable Full Moon Madness, a not planned present , decided at the moment by Fernando, was Ataegina. On exit, the smiles and conversations were unanimous, that was another memorable night of Heavy Metal!

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