BRAINSTORM + SINHERESY + GLASYA, 20 November 2019 (Lisbon)

The first time that one of the best German Power Metal bands is playing in Portugal should be an event not to be missed. Unlike other Iberian tours, the Midnight Ghost Iberian Tour included a show in Portugal, actually it started in Lisbon. The reason is the promotion of the excellent Midnight Ghost album, reviewed at this site some months ago. Accompanying Brainstorm on this tour is Sinheresy, an Italian Symphonic Melodic Metal band that is visiting us for the second time, after opening for Tarja Turunen on 04 November 2016 (Aula Magna, Lisbon). And, if the line-up was not good enough, the promoter included Glasya, considered the Portuguese Nightwish and one of the best national Metal bands that soon will get international recognition.

A show in the middle of the week, besides a period of many Metal shows offer, was not the ideal, but anyway this poster deserved a night with less sleeping hours. Congratulations for the promoter Hugo Fernandes of Metals Alliance, for bringing Brainstorm to this corner of Europe. Ah, and for insisting in nice physical tickets.

Around one hundred Metalheads answered the call, thus RCA Club is well composed. At 19h30 GLASYA entered the stage with Eduarda Soeiro holding a spear. Upon the first notes of Heaven's Demise (their video), the venue went wild, many fans of the band were among the public. The sound was good, allowing for the perfect audition of Bruno Prates solos and all other instruments. Of course the trained Eduarda's vocals is a key factor in Glasya's sound, and she delivered a quite good performance, also with a strong stage presence. After seven songs, all in the first album and ending with Neverland, they left after a quite good show. The band is getting stronger, deserving to get many invitations to play, not only in Portugal, but outside our boundaries. Promoters, be aware!

After the necessary stage changes, it's time for SINHERESY. I reviewed their last album Out of Connection some months ago, so I was quite curious how their Symphonic Melodic Metal with some Modern and some almost pop refrains would result alive. With two vocals, the nice Cecilia Petrini and the efficient Stefano Sain, the show actually worked very well, with a great complicity between all members. The nine songs focused on Out of Connection, as expected, just leaving three for the previous two albums. The last two album songs, Out of Connection and Break the Surface ended another good show. The band's sympathy was well retributed by the public.

A long break for setting the stage for the headliner was used for some photos and talks with both bands. And, finally, BRAINSTORM debuting in Portugal, a band that I badly wanted to see, owning almost all their CDs (and a Midnight Ghost alarm clock, ha ha). Since the first song, Devil's Eyes, the apotheotic public reaction, not many but good, positively surprised the band and it was notorious the joy of the band. In between songs, Andy Franck revealed an excellent humour joking with the other band members and interacting with a receptive audience. But the most important was the music, and the band proved to be one of the best Power Metal acts around. Andy also demonstrated to be one of the best vocalists, powerful and entertaining! With a long discography, the fourteen songs (two on encore) came predominantly from the last album, but also five previous albums were represented. Of particular personal satisfation were Shiva's Tears, The Pyre and Jeanne Boulet (1764). It's great when we a see a band enjoying their show as much as we are loving it. We keep the promise for a return to Portugal.

The opinion was unanimous and the satisfation was complete. And another memorable Heavy Metal night happened!

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