CRYSTAL VIPER + KILMARA + SPEEDEMON, 27 November 2019 (Lisbon)

In less than one year, Crystal Viper returned to Lisbon, visit integrated on the "Fire and Ice Over Iberia Tour" promoting the excellent new album "Tales of Fire and Ice". An additional interest is the inclusion of a new drummer, my friend Cederick Forsberg, the man playing all instruments behind Blazon Stone, Rocka Rollas, Breitenhold and others. With Crystal Viper, the line-up included Kilmara, a melodic Metal band from Spain and, in exclusive for the portuguese date, the national speed thrash of Speedemon.

So, on a cold night, but with a nice pause between several rainy days, the Metal Olimpo was again the RCA Club. Even being in the middle of the week and Crystal Viper repeating a presence, around one hundred good music lovers attended.

Upon entrance, the first stop was the merch table to buy "Tales of Fire and Ice" and here I was at the first row.

The first band was SPEEDEMON. I reviewed both works to date, but have never attended a show, so I was quite curious. The quartet from Vila Franca de Xira, near Lisbon, plays a quite good Speed Thrash, ideal to heat the venue. Starting with the theme that has the band's name, soon many metalheads were headbanging non stop. With a good stage presence, where Diogo (bass) weared a mask (no drinking during the show?), they played almost all songs on the 2019 Hellcome album. The clear sound, as usual at RCA, helped the irresistible fast riffing and a quite good performance. Another good portuguese band that for sure will cross the border.

It was time for KILMARA, a Melodic Metal band from Barcelona. With 4 albums, being the last "Across the Realm of Time", that's another band that rised curiosity. First I have to highlight the sympathy: John Portillo, lead guitar, while setting the stuff, greeted one by one all front row. During the show, it was evident the profissionalism and the satisfaction in being on the stage, generating a good interaction with the public. Among all eleven songs, I highlight my favorite on the last album, Principles of Hatred. While slowing a little bit after Speedemon, everybody (public and band) enjoyed a lot.

And finally CRYSTAL VIPER! On their first passage by Portugal, Marta Gabriel had also to assure one of the guitars. That's not the case now, where she could concentrate on vocals. This show also marked the debut of Cederick Forsberg as Crystal Viper's drummer, the Swedish talented multi-instrumentalist. Soon we noticed a much more free and happy Marta, either singing or appealing the audience, in his role of Metal Queen. All band, without exception, never saved effort, even Ced broke the snare drum on the first song. This is something to remember, the first song on its first show ☺ Eric and Andy's guitars were clear and insidious, as good as the energy of Blazej on the bass. Starting with Still Alive, one of last album's video, the band offered us a long set of 18 songs, covering a successful career, highlighting, of course, the last album.

After another glorious Metal night, there was time for some talks, signatures and photos with the bands, all bands being quite accessible and friendly.

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