Six months after playing at Vagos Metal Fest, Visions of Atlantis returned to Portugal for two dates included on the massive Wanderers Tour 2020, their first headlining tour throughout Europe. On the 21st they played at Porto and on the 22nd in Lisbon. For the first half of the tour, supporters are Chaos Magic, the band from the Chilean singer Caterina Nix, and Morlas Memoria, from Germany, both for the first time in Portugal. And, if the lineup was not attractive enough, our symphonic masters Glasya were added to the Lisbon date.

Congratulations to Amazing Events for providing this show, that could be like a Female Front Metal Fest. Pity that the venue was maybe half capacity on a Saturday night. Probably the main reason is the though year for Metalheads' wallets, with several expensive shows and festivals coming.
Kudos also for the timetable, doors opening at 07.00 pm, first band at 08.00 pm and show endind around 12.00 pm. It was the first time I left RCA Club without being pushed by the security guy ☺

When I reviewed GLASYA's first album, I predicted these friends would be quite important and one of the main Portuguese Metal acts. And they are getting the due recognition, their album being considered one of the best Symphonic albums on several publications (including Sounds from Apocalypse). The band's professionalism was again well demonstrated with an impeccable show. This time it was a little shorter, only five songs were on the setlist. Starting with the hit Heaven's Demise, and Eduarda bringing the spear, soon the public didn't save on support But a surprise was prepared: as in the album, on the fourth song, The Last Dying Sun, the participation of the guest vocalist Paulo Gonçalves from the national trashers Rasgo. As usual at RCA Club, sound and lights were almost perfect.

The second band was unknown for most but left many with open mouth. MORLAS MEMORIA comes from Germany and plays an energetic Symphonic Gothic Metal. What I knew was interesting but the show surpassed my expectations, Morlas Memoria is a hell of a band alive. The band is fronted by the quite nice Leandra Johne, holder of an impressive voice and also playing flute on some songs. His dynamic and extroverted brother Theo, on guitars, helped to the gig success. All eight songs were from their last album Mine of Pictures (2017), almost on the same order. My highlights were the symphonic beautiful Uyulala, only with classical vocals, keys and orchestrations, and the last single, G.O.A.B., with a short drum solo. The show ended perfectly with Mine of Pictures and The Battle. Again nice sound and lights. Looking forward for a new album and more shows, and many on the audience are thinking as me. C'mon, less than 1500 likes on FB? This band deserves much more.

I had great expectations to see CHAOS MAGIC. I'm following Caterina Nix since the first Chaos Magic self-titled album, where Timo Tolkki played guitars, bass and keyboards. Additionally, who is she bringing on keys? Just Mistheria, with an impressive career and many collaborations, including six albums under his name and the interesting Vivaldi Metal Project (gladly it was on the merch). The sensual vocalizations of the nice Chilean vocalist, well supported by Mistheria, run through all the nine songs, seven from the last excellent album, Furyborn, one from the first album and a Faith No More cover (much better than the original). Fun fact, upon request from a friend, one member of the band gave chilean coins. Isn't that so nice? If Chaos Magic plays in your town, don't miss it.

And it was time for the headliners, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS. I missed their previous show at Vagos Metal Fest, heard that the sound was not so good. So it was my first VoA show. First note was, of course, Clémentine Delauney, with the porcelain doll look but extremelly dynamic with incentives, dancing and acting. Michele Guaitoli, the excellent Italian singer (also on Temperance, Kaledon and Overtures) perfectly complemented miss Clémentine. The setlist was huge, 16 songs including 2 on encore. Almost all received an intro explanation. Of course the last album, Wanderers, with 7 songs was the highlight. I particularly liked the sequence Heros of the Dawn (with the celtic accent) and The Silent Mutiny. A perfect gig to end a perfect Metal night.

After the shows, there was time for some buys and having some chats, signing and photos with the bands without exceptions. All members were quite nice, despite the small area of the venue dedicated to the merch.
Another memorable Metal night, arrived home with my Metal soul fully charged and some more memorabilia for my museum.

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