ATTICK DEMONS, 14 May 2021 (Lisbon)

Fifteen months after the last live show, two strong confinement periods, many deaths, too much incompetence from who should govern us, finally some control over the pandemic, and a live show that wasn't cancelled or postponed. After a work day, went home to have some food, take the leather jacket and vest out of the closet and here I go to the RCA Club, Lisbon. So glad that RCA, being the best Lisbon venue for Metal, didn't close.

At the entrance, there was a close control, seaten places previously assigned, disinfectant gel, mandatory mask, and the show must end at 22h30, the new normal for now. My place was at the balcony, close to the stage, so I was quite lucky.

Since the debut notes of The Contract, the first video from the new album Daytime Stories... Nightmare Tales, it was evident the satisfaction of all the Demons for being back on stage, and specially Artur Almeida (vocalist). The sound was quite good but lights were a bit dark and spotlights frequently didn't enlight completely the players. During one and half hours, the band played 15 songs, covering all albums. After two of the most known songs, City Of Golden Gates and Flame Of Eternal Knowledge, another Atlantis song, Meeting The Queen, with the very special guest Eduarda Soeiro, vocalist of Glasya, for an excellent duet (see video below).
After a small talk, one of my favorite songs from the new album and the only one sung in Portuguese, O Condestável. The folkish song, with a strong rhythm, resulted quite well alive and for sure will be on the set for all next shows. Next it was Thank You, the bonus song on the japanese edition of the second album Let's Raise Hell. The show ended perfectly with two more Atlantis songs.

After such a long period of abstinence, this was so good! Only regret that Hills Of Sadness, with its strong message, was not included. And pity that wearing a mask does not allow to scream and sing. Let's now wait for the next show!

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