GWYDION, 29 May 2021 (Theatro Club, Cacém)

And here it is my second live show after having started the Covid-19 thing, this time with the mighty Gwydion, the sole Portuguese representative of the Folk Viking Metal sonorities. 2020 marked the 25th anniversary, coronated by the excellent homonemous album, but then the pandemic delayed the so much antecipated party. Finally it happened! Besides the 100 seaten places, sold out, the show was on live stream (I wonder how many saw it).

The party was scheduled to Theatro Club, Cacém, just 4 km from my house, a nice venue with decors reminding a classic theatre but mixed with some disco elements, and a huge bar. Again, hand disinfection at the door and seaten places. I stayed on the left side of the stage, place I do not recommend as the sound was quite bad, by opposition for those who stayed infront. While seaten, most people took off the mask and not only for liquid consumption. Let's hope no one would get infected, as the pandemic is increasing in the Lisbon area and the national government maintains its incompetence.

And let's party as on all Gwydion shows! Starting with three strong songs from the last album, Stand Alone, The Bards and The Chair Of The Sovereign. The good mood reigned since the beginning. Then, a glimpse from the past with From Hel To Asgard and back to the last with my favorite The Hostile Alliance.
After 793, the first guest, Artur Almeida from Attick Demons giving its vocal habilities to the excellent Battle of Alclud Ford. Next, another two guests, the ex-guitar JP amd Isabel Cristina from Dogma, on another classic, Ofiussa.

The second half got five more songs alternating between the last two albums, before the unique Veteran song, with another guest, Luis Abreu, ex-drummer. And the final three songs, the classic Mead Of Poetry, Thirteen Days and, of course to a perfect end, Gwydion, this one again with Isabel Cristina adding their crystal clear vocals.
Summarizing, the 17 songs played included 3 from Horn Triskelion, 1 from Veteran, 5 from Thirteen and 8 from Gwydion.

For my second show, it's still confusing to wear mask all the time, no singing or screaming, and to be seaten most of the time. Let's hope things will be back to normal as soon as possible. Gwydion got the deserved anniversary and release album show, I'm so glad I attended this memorable event.

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