Memories! I made the first The Storyteller's interview, back in June 2000 and available here, also was the first interview published on Sounds from Apocalypse website. With the rebuilt site, and after hearing the awesome coming album, one of the first interviews had to be with my longtime friend and The Storyteller's front man L-G Persson.

Hello L-G! What is the feeling of giving an interview to Sounds from Apocalypse, almost 15 years after the first one?
It's incredibly fun that we kept in touch all these years and kept each other up to date with what was happening in each direction.
Your interview with us was not only the first interview we did, but also one of the interviews that I felt was most genuine. Many are sent to do interviews for their management told them to do so but you wrote your questions because you were genuinely interested and that is unusual.
The Storyteller already has a long story, with six albums now. Since the first album release, what are your best memories?
There are many funny things that happened during those years and it would be fun to write them all, but then your interview be a book instead so I can shorten it a bit.
A memory is when we have our first release party in connection we released our debut album. We were very nervous as it should be. we had no idea how much people would come and see us, but as the evening went on more and more people came and in the end the organizers had to stop people in the door cause the place were packed. When we then entered the stage the fans screamed so loud that it hurt my ears which was pretty damn cool indeed, and it was rocking from start to finish. After the gig I think we began to understand that we had something good going on.
Between 2006 and 2011, the band hibernated. That was due to lack of support, musical differences, or everybody had to work on regular jobs and the Metal scene was not attractive [only big bands can live from music]? Or is there any other reason?
There were several reasons and among other things, that we had problems with our management that was not working in the way we wanted and it was a lot of fuss with them that made the pleasure to work with Storyteller dropped a bit, but then it happened things in our lives outside music- two of the members were father and it took a lot of time and there was no longer as much time as before to put down on the band as before. Therefore, we chose to take the joint decision to freeze the band on indefinite future. Partly to get away from the management that we were stuck in and that we could focus a bit more on the families for a while.
Once a metalhead, always a metalhead! During this hiatus, did you, guys, had the need to play live again and record? That's how "Dark Legacy" happens?
Over the years we had the band dormant there would come periodically requests from different organizers on making a reunion consert for fun but we declined each time, until at one point when I felt that there could actually be a fun thing to do. I had never let the band go really because I thought The Storyteller still had plenty left to do, so I called Jake (guitarist) and asked if he was interested and he was. Everyone else felt the same too and we decided to do a gig. We gathered all + one new bass player that replaced the one from 2006 and rehearsed together. The gig was a success and gave us all wanting more and there did the idea to make a new album get born. An album that would come to be named Dark Legacy.
How do you see the Metal scene nowadays, with so many old bands reuniting, recording and going on commemorative tours?
I love seeing older bands that reunite and continue to do what they love to do - play music. It is not just a job but it is also something that we love to do and then it's hard to just stop. I can understand fully the bands that just keeps play metal as long as they can and the only thing I actually do not really like are the bands that repeatedly announces upcoming tour will be their farewell tour but continues anyway on. It's NOT ok to all the fans who pay good money to see their heroes one last time but continues touring anyway afterwards. Not cool!
Internet was already important when The Storyteller was born (how I knew you). How do you see this evolution, with Facebook and other social nets?
I think that the internet is as important now as then but nowadays many more plattforms to make use of. At the time when we started talking, it was the most important point for a band to have a website where you could make a nice layout and upload music, photos, and more fun, but those days are gone and the page is not as important anymore. Now everyone wants to have a FB page that you share around to all, and in fact I think FB is really good. you can both market yourself, keeping track of old friends and making new friends. I even found you on FB.
Sacred Fire is an awesome album, with no weak themes, very well composed and produced by the band. The idea was to make a masterpiece?
It was our goal that we went for trying to make a masterpiece, but we all know it's easier said than done. But we had a plan from the start and that was to give more time to do a pre-production where we then were able to sit and go through everything to see what was good enough to keep and what needed to be fine-tuned
The distribution of Sacred Fire has been delayed by the record company to late February or March. What is the reason?
This was because the record company felt that they simply had not had time to do a full marketing of the album and therefore wanted to wait a bit with the release. We see now that it was a good decision by the record company as we have received very good reviews from many parts of the world, so their extra time gave good results.
Are there any plans to tour outside Sweden or to participate on summer festivals?
We have not made any plans at the moment cause we have decided to wait to see what results Sacred Fire get, after that we can start looking at some options.
And other plans for the future that you want to announce?
I have always struggled to maintain what has been the hallmark of The Storyteller which is Powermetal with medieval melodies. Lately I have felt that the band has slipped from the concept a little too much and has therefore taken a decision to go back and do an album in the style of the debut album and the album No. 2. According to me, the music from that period is just how Storyteller should sound and thats what made our music differed from other power metal bands. So it will be some changes in the near future and a reunion is coming that will have a positive effect. All Storyteller fans have something exciting to look forward to.
And recovering a tradition of Sounds from Apocalypse, a final message to our readers?
I am quite sure that Sacred Fire will be great and that this album will open new doors for the future. Upcoming album will sound like all fans love, and it will continue to tell about the country Kail and its guardian who will once again face the Evil One. So get ready to place yourself once more at the campfire and listen to stories from The Storyteller.

Thanks a lot my friend. All the Best and I'm also sure the album will kick seriously!

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