Unleash The Archers is an excellent Female fronted Power Metal band, with some Melodic Death roots, from Canada. I'm following the band for several years. They are celebrating 10 years now and released recently their fourth album "Apex", one of the best albums of the year (review here). I'm glad and honored to present an interview with the awesome Brittney Slayes, one of the best Female voices in Metal!
Hi Brittney, thanks a lot for your time!
You enjoy a lot what you do, right? And you must be a funny person! In all photos and videos I have seen, you have a genuine and natural smile (the light cat in your 3rd track by track video is priceless, ah ah).

Thank you! Yes I do very much love what I do ☺ Making music is not just a hobby it is a part of who I am! And I am glad you like my cat light from the track by track hahaha it stays by my bedside at all times, in case I need a moment of happiness in my day ;)
When did you start to hear Metal? Favorite bands?
I was eight years old when I first heard heavy metal… It was Megadeth’s Countdown To Extinction, and it changed my life forever. In those early years I listened to a lot of music that my brother introduced to me, bands like Pantera, Tool, White Zombie, and (early) Incubus. As I grew older and began to discover music on my own I became drawn to the more traditional styles, like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Queensryche and others. These days I like a lot of different genres and metal sub-genres, and I try not to let myself become complacent with music; I am always searching for new bands to enjoy! My favourite artists right this moment are probably Iced Earth, Soilwork, Ex Deo, Dance With The Dead and Lana Del Rey ;)
And when was the decision to create Unleash The Archers?
After graduating university the band that Scott (drummer) was in broke up, so I approached him and their guitar player and asked if they wanted to create a project with me. I had been to many of their shows and was a huge fan; I knew that fronting a band was something that I wanted to do and was very much inspired by them. After failing to find and join an existing band that fit with what I was looking to do I decided to create my own ☺ I have been singing my whole life and had always been a metal fan; it just seemed like the right thing to do!
How did the band's name arise?
It was a very long and difficult process ;) We could not decide on one name that we all liked, it took us months to finally sit down and say ‘we are not leaving this place until we find a name!’ We had created a word document with a list of names about sixty pages long hahaha and we went through each one together and STILL could not find one we all agreed on. Then, finally, someone mumbled ‘what about Unleash The Archers’, and when no one hated it, that was the one that stuck!
The band is from British Columbia, one of the most beautiful places on Earth! Does this wild environment have some influence on your music?
Oh thank you I think it is the most beautiful place too! Yes absolutely the environment influences the music; all around us we are surrounded by huge mountains and the big wide open ocean and epic rivers and valleys… The setting is perfect for stories of fantasy and adventure! We have a nice view from our apartment so sometimes when I am writing lyrics I just stare out the window for hours and let my imagination run free. Our 2015 album Time Stands Still is actually based entirely around being a metal band in Canada and songs like ‘Frozen Steel’ and ‘Hail Of The Tide’ are fantastical twists on the Canadian landscape we have toured so many times over the years! And of course, Apex is about an immortal being that sleeps in a mountain for thousands of years at a time so, hahaha yeah I think seeing those mountains outside my window every day has had an impact hahaha!
Many congratulations for Apex! I love it! Are you happy with the results and reactions?
Thank you! So glad you like it ☺ We are very happy with it all, yes. I think the fans are loving it, which is what is important. There is always room to grow in music and I think we still have some untapped potential that will come out on the next record, but I think we accomplished what we set out to do and are very satisfied with how Apex turned out. Of course there will always be some negative reviews out there but we just try to take them as constructive criticism and move on!
Will the Apex concept story continue? Will the Matriarch be punished?
Well I probably shouldn’t be telling you this but, yes the saga of The Immortal and The Matriarch will continue ;) We have already begun work on the next record and songs are in the early writing stages. We knew from the beginning that this story would be written in two parts and two albums have always been the plan. The Matriarch will put up one hell of a fight I can tell you that much, but let’s just say that The Immortal too will unleash his full potential on the next album ;)
The UTA videos are great, with some huge productions, namely Tonight We Ride and Cleanse the Bloodlines. It was quite hard to film these, no (Mad Max cars, snow, fire, a falcon…)? Any fun story behind the scenes?
For every album we like to create one music video that really stands out (and takes up all of the budgetary resources of course hahaha) and so we do our best to come up with unique and memorable concepts. We are already starting to brainstorm the first video for the next album. The two videos (Tonight and Cleanse) were polar opposites weather-wise; in ‘Tonight…’ we were so hot and dusty and covered in sweat the whole time. We could only film for a few hours a day due to the heat and dust storms in the desert, but we pushed through it and we have to commend our director Nathan on being such a good sport about the conditions for that one! For ‘Cleanse…’ we were absolutely freezing but at the same time we were being covered in ash and even lit on fire because of the floating embers from the gigantic pyre behind us. Both were amazing experiences and we wouldn’t have had it any other way! ;) I really enjoyed getting to know Sabre the gyrfalcon! We got to hang out just the two of us for about an hour before we shot our scenes together, just so that he would be used to me and wouldn’t try to fly away, which he didn’t do once! We were quite comfortable with one another by the end, except that he got a little heavy after a while hahaha. He was just such a character, loved the camera and was always showing off. So cute! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am thankful for it!
The band tours a lot in Canada and USA, but you also went to central Europe last year and Japan/China in 2015. How was the experience outside Americas? And the best concert?
It was fantastic! We love to tour, and will always explore every opportunity to get out of our hometown. I have to say though that the concerts are all very similar, no matter where you are. Voices singing along, fists in the air, lot’s of smiles and good times! Even if the people in the crowd don’t know who we are we do our best to get them on their feet and banging their heads. Playing live is the BEST part about being in a band, the energy that courses through you up on that stage is unlike anything else, and rather than just stand there and play our instruments we feel it is very important to share that energy with the fans. If they can see us having a good time then I like to think that they will have a good time as well. Some crowds are crazier than others, for instance the show we played in Vienna was incredible, they would not stop screaming for us! It exploded my heart… But even the fans that just stand back and cross their arms eventually have at least the slightest nod along to the music by the end, and that is good enough for me ;)
Any plans for coming to Europe this or next year? Any promoters contacts from Spain or Portugal? There are several Metal Festivals growing each year, so who knows ☺
Yes! We have just announced our European tour dates and there are two or three dates in Spain! It is unfortunate that we will not be making it to Portugal but hopefully the Spanish dates will at least be close enough to make a short trip! We are SO excited to play for our Spanish (and Portuguese!) fans for the first time! We would love to play the festivals as well! Bother the promoters and organizers on our behalf, you never know what may happen ;) Dates in Spain: 27.10.2017 Barcelona, 28.10.2017 Madrid; 29.10.2017 Bilbao

There are in Portugal several Female fronted bands. Being you such an excellent vocalist, with quite a wide vocal range, what advise would you give to a girl that wants to start or improve singing in Metal?
Listen to bands that you love and try singing along with what they do. If at first you can not hit certain notes or do not have the same tone or power do not give up, if you sing everyday and safely push your range you can train your voice to do anything. Take the time to do it right and to find your voice; it took me years to figure out what I could do and how to apply it to the UTA sound. It is not a quick process so have patience. Also, watch youtube for warm-up videos and exercises to strengthen your diaphragm – it is the most important part of a singers’ body!
My final question. Do you want to leave a message to the Sounds from Apocalypse readers? And the Portuguese Metalheads? If one day you will come to Portugal, I'm sure you'll love it!
I am certain we will love it! And we will come to you one day in Portugal I promise ☺ We really do try to get to as many cities as possible but we do not always have control over what is booked… But if you continue to ask local promoters for us next time they will have the confidence to bring us out!
Thank you so much for your support and for taking the time to learn more about UTA ☺ Follow us on Facebook if you would like to chat or stay up to date with what is going on with us, and follow us on Bandsintown to see what tour dates are closest to your hometown! Thank you so much everyone!
Thanks a lot Brittney for this interview! I do hope to see UTA live someday!
You will! And you must come say hi when you do ☺ <3

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