Valhalore is an Australian band that plays an European-rooted epic Folk Viking Metal. When, back to the beginning of 2016, I heard the first EP, despite having only 3 songs I was completely surrended by the band's quality, and contacts started then. On March 2017 the first album "Voyage Into Eternity" was released, receiving a 9.5 in 10 classification at our reviews (here). I'm so glad for the opportunity of interviewing Anthony Willis, the mentor of one of the most promising Metal bands around.
Hi Anthony, thanks a lot for your time, few days after the release and in the middle of a very busy schedule. And congrats for an awesome album!
Thanks very much Joao! That’s really appreciated. Thanks for doing an interview with me.
Many years ago, concerning Hard and Heavy, I remember Australia as the country of AC/DC and Rose Tattoo, more recently Be'Lakor's land. How is the Metal Scene in Australia?
Metal has always been around – especially underground. These days though it is BOOMING! Especially folk/Scandinavian metal. Which is very exciting. Popular culture such as Vikings (TV show) and Game of Thrones have really helped, amongst other things.
When did you start in Metal and what were your favorite bands then?
I first got into metal at 13 when I first heard Children of Bodom. That was the band for me. Other Melodeath bands from those northern countries were also my favourite.
When came the idea for Valhalore? And the Viking theme?
Valhalore was made in a sauna back in 2013 – although it didn’t have the name Valhalore then. The Viking theme really just came naturally, especially when we adopted the name Valhalore – a combination of the words Valhalla and Folklore.
How were the reactions to the Valhalore EP, that introduced the band to the world?
We weren’t sure what to expect as the music was very different to anything else locally, yet alone Australia. But it was received extremely well, so we really wanted to ride the wave of success so to speak, and that has led us to having our album out this year.
And in March you released an excellent first album! Are you happy with the reception and reactions, so far? Being self-released how many physical digis have you produced?
Our album launch show ended up selling out – we couldn’t believe it! The response was amazing. We have produced 500 physical digipacks ourselves… so it’s been a good journey so far to see what works and what we can do better next time.
You take care of all music, the production, some marketing and some lyrics. Is it easy to you? Where do you gather inspiration?
It’s a big job, but I don’t rush things. Valhalore and Voyage into Eternity took around 4 years to get off the ground and released. So everything else has just come along naturally. There are other members now in the band that help me out with those various jobs too.
Have you been approached by record companies? Or is it better to rely on yourselves?
We get approached regularly by various agencies and labels, yet I think the best plan of attack is to wait and research.
Being a recent band, all the members may have regular jobs. Is it difficult to gather all to rehearsal and to play alive?
Very! I myself have a busy job, and the others all have busy lives as well. But we compromise and make it all work – that’s what being in a band is all about.
Any plans or invitations for concerts outside Australia?
We would love to come to Europe! Know anyone that will help us get out there? *wink wink nudge nudge*
What would be your dream, as musician?
To travel the world and impact people with our music.
And a silly question :) Can you imagine the Vikings reaction if they arrive to Australia and find the natives, kangurus or koalas?
I’m not sure what they would do – but I’m sure they would have found a way to make it ‘metal’ none the less haha!
Do you want to leave a final message to the Sounds from Apocalypse readers? And the Portuguese Fans?
Thanks so much for checking out this interview and for Joao for having me! It’s been a pleasure. If you want to hear our band and see what we’re all about, check out our website at or our Facebook at Skol!
Thanks a lot Brother!

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