The day I heard Wormwood for the first time turned great. Despite hearing Metal for 40 years now, I still get chills with such awesome new bands. Wormwood is a recent band coming from Sweden that plays "Atmospheric Blackened Folk'n Roll". The first album "Ghostlands: Wounds From A Bleeding Earth" (reviewed here) was released recently and it's a pleasure to include here an interview with one of my already top bands. Tobias Rydsheim (guitars) kindly answered my questions ☺
Hi Brother, thanks a lot for your time and for an awesome first album (and signed copy)!
Hello, thanks for having us! You´re welcome, we´re glad you like it.
What is the "Atmospheric Blackened Folk'n Roll" subgenre and how this came from the different influences of the band members?
This is a made up genre by us to describe how our music sounds.
You know, we´re all more or less into almost the same types of music. But we came from different musical backgrounds. Together we have been parts of bands wich done Black Metal, Punk-Rock, Swedish Folk Music, Death Metal and even Sleaze Rock. So we like to pick the best parts from all the styles.
Or let´s put it like this. We just compose music and it happens to get elements from different styles. And we like it that way.
"Ghostlands: Wounds From A Bleeding Earth" is a superb album and for what I'm following everybody agrees. Are you happy with the results so far? Were you expecting this success?
It turned out to be better than expected for us.
We knew we had some good songs and good ideas for the album. But we couldn´t imagine the hype that would surround the release of the album.
We´re happy about that!
The album includes a quite strong ecological message, well supported by the music. I found parallel with Lost Horizon, your country mates that I interviewed many years ago. Is this a general concern for the band? Of course it should be for all mankind!
We do celebrate our nature very much. The nature is the most important there is.
Unfortunately mankind has destroyed so much of it.
We don´t really see ourselves as ecological activists or anything, but yeah. I think it´s on its time to critize them who have forgotten about the greatness of nature and the environment
You travelled a lot to get inspiration for lyrics and music. Thanks for all enlightening reading (here). Do you intend to repeat this for next albums?
We will definitely come up with music and lyrics that are inspired or have roots in old forgotten tales for future albums as well, no matter if the inspiration will come from travels or not.
Are there any international known figures that you would like to send to those deep cold forests in Northern Sweden, just with a knive and a pair of matches, to be in communion with nature ?
Hmm… Ofcourse, for different reasons.
I would recommend some people to experience the wild Scandinavia just for the adventure.
And it would also be necessary for other people like egocentric douchebags and politicians to end up there to get a new perspective on life.
Any particular reason for including some songs in Swedish?
Well, some themes that we sing about just doesn´t work in english.
Do you agree that with internet and Facebook it is so much easier for bands to be known? And to have a closer contact with fans?
Hell yeah!
When the bands started to move from the rehearsal rooms to the Internet the scene got more alive and active. But one should remember that a band also need to make an impression on people in the real world.
Do you intend to make a massive tour for promoting the album? Any festivals? Will it be possible to see Wormwood in Portugal or Spain?
We have a few gigs this summer a little here and there, both in Sweden and abroad. As a support band for Batushka in Finland for example. And we will tour as one of the opening acts for Impiety through Europe this fall.
We´re also gonna do a mini tour together with our NON SERVIAM RECORDS-label mates Rimfrost and Nazghor in Eastern Europe.
There is unfortunately no dates in Portugal or Spain yet. But we would love to come play for you guys!
Is it difficult to gather all band members to rehearsal and to go on the road?
We all have full time jobs and stuff to do, so it can be a puzzle sometimes.
But we´re all very dedicated to the band, so it´s not a big problem. There is always time for what you like to do the most. Music in this case.
Do you want to leave a final message to the Sounds from Apocalypse readers? And the Portuguese Metalheads?
If you have´t heard us yet, it´s time to get yourself a copy of the album and spread the word about Wormwood, I hope to see you all on the road in a near future.
Thanks a lot Brother!
Thank you very much for your support!
Stay Metal!

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